Cherrybreeze: Get To Know My Lady Wood

Her famous catchphrase “get to know yourself” couldn’t of been more appropriate than in tonight’s co-host cast from Amy100 and Cherrybreeze.

It wasn’t just about Zoe getting to know her lady wood, or woman wood as she called it, but Amy, myself, and about 50 other sexually intrigued viewers all waiting to witness this hardened (excuse the pun) beauty of mother nature.

For those who are unfamiliar with the term lady wood, i am reliably informed by the brains of the Internet, Google, that it is the female erection, where the clitoris swells due to sexual excitement at reading UKM – ok, maybe the last part is untrue, but basically it’s when the female is rampant enough to even shag Johnny Cardinal.


Alas, the pearly white panties stayed on, and the lady wood was left to our perverted imaginations.


Still, beats watching songs of praise i suppose.








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48 Thoughts to “Cherrybreeze: Get To Know My Lady Wood”

  1. Anglestormee

    Amy’s teeth are black and nasty

  2. Anonymous

    Such a big bruise for a face not swollen at all, and no crooked glasses either. makes you go hmmmm. Amy wouldn’t lie would she?

    1. Anonymous

      What has supposedly happened to Amy I dont watch her as she is so two faced.

      I do hope Karl when you supposedly put on here somewhere she was the only woman worth banging on Ivlog you were being sarcastic

      1. lol. i keep seeing this rumour in lots of casts, but i don’t ever remember saying that??

        1. Anonymous

          A drunken remark maybe its amazing what beer goggles can do lol

  3. Ben the Bastard

    Have to admire Cherry there for doing that for free, Recently started using this Zello and the stuff coming from that on the UK Channel owned by the (UK Team) There’s an English bird on that that charges a fiver for sucking a half incher.

  4. Anonymous

    never seen amy smile so much

  5. Anonymous

    That voice though! “get to know yourself” hmmmm trash

  6. Anglestormee

    amys black eye is faked with make up for attention

    1. Trevor

      You nasty twisted old Cunt. Amy’s Mother confided in you and you screenshot the whole conversation and then post it over here, on a blog that you despise, in the hope that we’ll troll Amy for it.

      I don’t particularly like Amy, but she’s done nothing to warrant the sort of treatment that you and the shitty Man-Child gets.

      P.S. Stop pretending to be in your early 30’s, we’re not fucking stupid, or blind.

      1. Anonymous

        Trevor I’m glad Angel did it because it shows what a lying scheming bitch Amy actually is. All this to get sympathy and I know some of you will say oh she cant help it just like you do with shitty.

        If it was the first time she had done it then maybe I would say stupid girl get help but she doesnt want to she does this time and time and time again and people fall for it.

        Give it a bit of time then she will be back if she isnt already because she doesnt think she has dont anything wrong.

  7. FakeBlackEye

    Good work AngelStormee. Liars always get called out!

  8. It was obviously never a black eye, as there was no swelling. It looked more like an allergic reaction than a punch. But the poor girl is obviously tormented and low on self esteem. Whether she’s struggling to come to terms with her sexuality or it’s some other demon she’s struggling with, i hope the trolls don’t go for the kill.

    Amy’s harmless. She’s clearly got some issues, but she’s no Michelle Stacy. It would be wrong to try and destroy her in my opinion.

    1. WhaleSighting

      Fat whale Michelle Stacy was sighted in Steelie’s chat on Vaughn Live a couple of hours ago.

      1. Anonymous

        She has been away on cruises and been so busy errr is that code for in hiding and now thinks its safe to crawl back from under her stone

  9. Anglestormee

    she is a liar she assumes her friends are idiots!! when she is the idiot she cannot even lie well

    1. Anonymous

      a lot of her “friends” knew she was lying on a lot of things, but really can’t do much without the proof. We’re just sick of it and anyways it was fun being a friend at first now it’s just bullshit. She also updated her skype status as: Gonna have a break for awhile and get my life sorted after all of this broke out. I do hope you get your life sorted Amy and learn that lying doesn’t gain you anything but a loss of those around you.

  10. CLOUD

    Karl check your Email

  11. Amy's X Girlfriend

    Hi all, I used to date amy and she was notorious to make up fantasy situations of being attacked or beaten up by faking self injuries to get empathy from friends and family, And would lie even when the evidence was proven. Why she assumed we was all born yesterday i will never know!..AND MANY times she would say i beat her up!..which never happened, I am a good well raised person and it was so discomforting when she would pretend she was on the phone to someone to make out she had many girls after her for a relationship to make me feel jealous, But i see right through that, Her own mother never knew she was doing this, Nothing amy says is honest or the truth!!..What has upset me most is there are people out there who do get discriminated for being gay and do get attacked she has made a mockery of serious situations where some people have been seriously injured, Thank goodness her friends have seen through her and just like my she just runs and never faces up to responsability like a snake she will sliver back under her rock and appear back again like nothing had happened she has upset many people!

    1. Anonymous

      Im surprised it took people so long to see through her. I was in her room for all of 10 minutes and the lies she told was unbelieveable, she was so two faced as well, slagging vile off then appearing two minutes later on cam in his cast saying how wonderful he was.

      She did that to a lot of people nice to their faces then wham when they left calling them all sorts of names. Another caster who wouldnt know the truth if it came up and slapped her across her lying face.

      Amy may need help but like a lot of people she doesnt even think she has a problem and wont do anything about her problem. I agree with the ex that pretending to be beaten up or picked on because she is gay is abhorent when so many genuine people suffer on a daily basis. Is Amy really gay I think she is more Bi as she loves the attention she gets from sex starved males, sorry guys you have to be to remotely think Amy is hot that or drunk she isnt even luke warm.

    2. Trevor

      I’d be willing to bet that Amy’s X girlfriend is actually AnalStinkee.

  12. joker444

    Im not known for doing the blogs but yesterday a friend invited me to watch her friend in her cast and she said how she was beaten up because of her sexuality. Come to find out it was a food allergy. How fucking pathetic is it where you want to be so popular youre willing to cry on camera about people beating you up instead about being honest about eating a tomato. What a fucking joke karmas a bitch but it is what it is.

  13. cherry lover

    i love you cherry love dj chris on ivlog

    1. Anonymous

      Cherry lover you clearly need help

  14. blackeye

    Did anyone notice on the links posted in previous comments her own mother clearly stated amy has no black eye, also amy has been sending friends photos of her eye but then when she casts she forgets which eye she put make up and casted with bruise on wrong eye lool

    1. Anonymous

      lol we’re not really her friends anymore

  15. amyscunt

    she cannot be trusted she even dropped chris in the shit by saying chris while tried to date her 13 year old sister on a live cast then she is hanging in his room all smug

    1. Anonymous

      Good question. Maybe she lied about that too. Who knows now what is the truth or a lie coming out of her mouth now.

  16. alfie the cat

    she never cleans her room we have to live in a shit house, She is forever taking pictures of us and never shuts up about us it drives you mad huh, how you think we feel and her breath smells like christopher while shit in it.

    1. Blossom

      I have to wear a freaking cone all the time because she won’t take me to the vet!!!!! Me and Alfie fight all the time because we’re locked up in that room constantly. She never changes our litter boxes and it stinks!

  17. christopherwhile

    she is a two faced prick

  18. amysmum

    i cannot leave my purse anywhere she has stole thousands of me overall.

  19. didashit

    i did a big amy in the toilet in the past it smelt dreadful like her lies.

  20. Amy100

    chris while did try to date my 13 year old niece!!

    1. Amyy100

      And I was pregnant all 59000 of those times because hey, I’m the most bangable babe on ivlog

      1. Amyy100

        Don’t you guyz think I’m the most bangable babe? Here’s a video of me dancing it up!

  21. Anonymous

    pretty sure that’s not the real angel stormee, anyhow yes amy is an idiot, saw right through her the first time ever seen her on cam, she always makes up stories about falling down the stairs, how many times does a person fall down the stairs, and get beaten up? I think she’s a confused person with self esteem issues, also very 2 faced, like most of the people that go in chris’ room.

  22. Anonymous

    Angel only contacted amy’s mum to stir shit, she hates how much chris likes amy and wants her out the picture, she got rid of ruby and others, amy next.

  23. Pikeman

    Amy believes even i fancy her after her antics i am seriously throwing the towel in

    1. Pikem4n

      Now this is really me, not spoke to Amy since Saturday Night and i can 100% honestly say that Amy,you really did pull the wool over my eyes and a lot of others too and i will say this – it’s not cool lying and saying that you got beat up because of your sexuality.

      My advice would be,have a rest and break and think about your actions.

      At the end of the day we are not all perfect, we all make mistakes and sometimes it’s best to admit when your wrong or you’ve done something wrong.

      And btw folks, i do not fancy Amy nor does she fancy me, if any of you do though get in contact with me 😉 LOL

  24. Alicia

    I only go to amy’s as i can have sex there love you babes

  25. amysnakey

    she ran and has hidden and takes no action to her crimes the cunt thinks she can get away it fuck her

  26. christopherwhiledj

    she lied to me and she never said sorry she does it behind peoples back and runs from the trouble she does and only cares about her filthy lies

  27. pikeyman

    but amy has done this all her life her mum said she has stole thousands from her and is a compulsive liar she never stops

  28. jabbamarkgronan

    amyy100 shut up and give it a rest

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