AngelStormee Is Not Jealous Of Brian6

She might be getting on a bit. She might also be completely deluded in thinking that Chris gives a flying fuck about anything other than her bank balance. She might even be retarded enough not to see that Chris prefers the sausage to the ham barmcake.

But one thing she’s not, and that’s jealous of Brian6.


Angel - Brian should be grateful for super ops




Angel - Brian should be grateful for super ops1


Brian is the important one now, but she’s not bothered….right

Angel - Brian should be grateful for super ops2

None of this bothers the secure, confident Leah. What a woman!

Angel - Brian should be grateful for super ops3

When you pay for a sex change and have a penis, you will get all that special treatment back darling (see what i did there)

Angel - Brian should be grateful for super ops4

How on earth could any sane person get the slightest inkling that Angel is jealous?


Lie detector

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6 Thoughts to “AngelStormee Is Not Jealous Of Brian6”

  1. Doctor Fox

    Oh dear Chris has a bit of bromance going on, angel your money is all he wants. Chris is using you.

  2. Anonymous

    If Brian was a woman Chris would drop Angel like a hot potato

  3. BabylonGanoosh

    6:37, you have that backwards.

    If Angel was a man, Chris would drop Brian like a molten hot super nova potato.

  4. Anonymous

    Chris has strong homosexual urges, when he mentions sex it’s always a sexual act or assault on another man or a man acting out on him (sodomy, oral sex between men). Angel doesn’t mind his homosexuality as long as he claims to love her

  5. DJsystems

    I have a diagnosis for Angel stormee she has

    Munchausen Syndrome

  6. magic

    angel is a man this you know wtf ?

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