VaughnLive VIP: Support My Wheel Trims

So the VIP subscription has been running for a while now on VL and you have the option of VIP basic, which does what AdblockPlus does for free, except you pay $9.95 per month for the privilege.

Then again, you can always buy the VIP Gold, which is exactly the same as the basic (at time of writing) for a magnificent $14.95 per month.

Just think, $14.95 every month and you get nothing more than what AdblockPlus does for free. Or do you?

No, of course not. You also get to pay for Marks bad driving and help him buy some new $500 trims.

You lucky people!


Mark Vaughn - $500 curb job


That’s right. While everybody else Worldwide is cutting back on the pennies, you can help pay for Marks poor driving, by covering his new (but totally unnecessary) wheel trims.

VIP. It pays to be stupid!

Talking of stupid. Mark, yet again puts his foot in it with the hilarious excuse as to why Vaughn has been running like a bag of poo lately.

Mark - traffic broke servers

Yeah, because extra traffic breaks servers Mark….lmfao.

You don’t break servers by too much traffic. Especially servers with 76GB ram and multiple CPU’s. Now a cynic might say that Mark has been trying to add one of his promised features, ie Vaughn cams, or maybe IRC, remember that promise? Or then again, it could of been the new HTML5 chat? Or maybe the video quality option?

And Mark being Mark, has fooked up his whole coding?

But not us, we wouldn’t say things like that 😉

No, we’ll just sit back and enjoy the lulz as he tries to blame everybody else but himself.

John eyes_99-165_2nd_optimized

2 Thoughts to “VaughnLive VIP: Support My Wheel Trims”

  1. WayneFromNY

    $2.000 dollars in rims and Marks got cheap rusty stock rotors & brake calipers.

    That must really show off them shiny rims…lol lol

  2. letsstalk

    I am just glad you are not like scuttlebutt, that guy posts the same dick pictures over and over so much I think he might be a homosexual

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