Ollie Gollum And Nick: Party Time

There’s nothing like 3 superstars all appearing on the big screen together. So when Uri (Nick) Tex arrived at Chris’ with Gollum (Chris2) the night was bound to end with some drunken love in the air.

If only that bloody Angelstormee hadn’t been stalking them all night, we could have had the exclusive premier of Brokeback Barrow – raw.








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3 Thoughts to “Ollie Gollum And Nick: Party Time”

  1. Ben the Bastard

    4:13 your man sitting there shaking his head as if to say “ffs Chris not again, catch a grip of yourself”

  2. Dusty bin

    Angel is bothered by Super ops you could hear it in her tone of voice, “There you Happy now”
    i reckon she has one of the voodoo dolls and has named it Chris, so when your going pains in your back Chris, that will be Angel with them knives and pins.

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