Chris Calls BillyBobCesspool

I apologise for the lack of audio on last nights stream. That was down to me being a tit and turning the volume down using the keyboard before i went to bed, instead of using the audio mixer 🙁

Luckily, BillyBob has provided us his recording of the call 🙂

*Video Courtesy Of BillyBobCesspool:








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8 Thoughts to “Chris Calls BillyBobCesspool”

  1. Mangina

    Nearly an hour of verbal abuse with zero point except to bully and gain internet notoriety

  2. justaviewer

    I do laugh how every time i come on here the entire chat at the top of the screen is devoted to Chris lol. It really is all about Chris here whereas at least the other blogs try and mix it up by showing you different casters.

    I tell you one thing, it’s the same names viewing and chatting which means they too sit at home all day doing nothing, same thing they blast Chris for lol.

    1. Anonymous

      Yet here you are again justaviewer staunchly backing up your bum chum. So i take it you dont work and sit at home all day doing nothing the same thing you are lamblasting others for.

  3. Anonymous

    billy is a closet fag

  4. raoul duke

    i didnt enjoy this video if someones guna come at chriss they need ammo i.e. “tell us about the time u almost strangled that girl on CCTV is that why u cut ure arm”

  5. Anonymous

    All shitty will do is shout at the top of his voice over anyone who asks him a question he doesnt want to answer which to me means yes I did do it. Asked about whether he told Faith to go slit her wrists constant shouting no I didnt, did you hit your mum shouting no i didnt, did you have cp on your computer shouting no i didnt. Well time will tell we know 2 of the above 3 you did do them so maybe you did all 3 among other things of course.

  6. dss worker

    its them on benefits ranting about others on benefits i find highly amusing and so do the boys in the office

  7. Ben the Bastard

    DSS worker, get you back to work, you shouldn’t be skiving, those with tickets are still waiting 30 minutes after getting hold for a ticket to be called to be able to sign on. It’s all you people do is chat shit and have a bit of a giggle in your wee booths, making people like us wait what seems to be an eternity. Work harder ffs, so we can get better Jobseeker payments.

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