Clips Of The Week 10/04/2014

It’s been unusually dead across all the social casting sites this week, so we are scraping the bottom of the barrel, so to speak, to find things to highlight from the last 7 days.



Chris Uses Protection Before Entering Angel’s Love Tunnel:

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Scruff Explains Why Vaughn Is Breaking Nearly Every Day:

Scruffy - Mark coded this site


IamSonChild: MOD Glasses And WW3.

Our beloved Anita is a strong believer in conspiracy’s and elite groups such as the Illuminati, and maybe she has a point.

After finding some special agent glasses, which many of us believe were deliberately left there by agent black, she is kind enough to share her experiences she has wearing the ‘special ones’

Sonchild special spercs1

Sonchild special spercs4

Sonchild special spercs6

Agent Sonchild is the only one who can save us from the evil that is determined to destroy the World. aka, the Vaughns!

SexyChris: Lifehacks Pt 2:

After showing us the amazing way you can use one of your pc’s sticks of ram to butter your crumpets, Chris provides us on week 2 of his ‘hacks for spacks’ series, another brilliant use of a pc ram module.

SexyChris: A Weekend Of Horrks:

And finally, in a week that’s been very quiet for casting sites, we stay with Chris and some clips of his problems with hoax visitors.

Gas Man Episode 2:

Norr Pizza’s, Can You Not Bloody Read!

John eyes_99-165_2nd_optimized

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  1. gaz

    if you are reading this shitty, get ready for a week of hell.

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