SexyChris: I’m Not Allowed Near Anyone Under 16

Beware that before watching the following video, Chris is obviously telling only a fraction of what’s really happening here. But the fact he admits he’s not allowed to be anywhere near a child without supervision, tells a lot.

*Video courtesy of Mark Gronan:



So, all you followers of the SexyChris, who denied he had anything to do with child sex charges, please explain why the Police have told him he’s to be nowhere near a child without supervision?

I’ll wait 😉





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28 Thoughts to “SexyChris: I’m Not Allowed Near Anyone Under 16”

  1. Anonymous

    Keep sending DVD evidence of angel and chris talking about the money he’s being sent to the benefits office

  2. Anonymous

    call the prosecutor’s office and find out what the charges are, this is public information, they should say

  3. Anonymous

    His life is spinning out of control with the internet, alcohol and his mental disorder. I felt a year ago that chris would be in a mental institution or group living arrangement while a ward of the state within 5 years. I still believe that, unless he’s doing prison time

  4. Ben the Bastard

    “I have no restrictions, I can travel anywhere in the world I want too” Spoken with a sponge in her mouth. ffs Angel wise up.

  5. Dusty_Bin

    lock the dirty little tramp up, he’s nothing but a hanging down and out piece of scum.


    So, as I see it previously the Scottish collective gained access to Chris’s computer (These individuals I would not trust one inch), via teamviewer (A big mistake on his part, but he is very naive) and subsequently illegal images were found there… I smell a rat… Very suspicious don’t you think? You are all just evil cunts harassing someone unnecessarily…


      Lol you stead fast Chris ass lickers amaze me. He can do no wrong in your eyes, he is a benefit cheat, a nasty vile excuse for a man often wishes people and their children dead, he tells people to go slit their wrists, he tries to strangle one poor girlfriend, he has hit another couple, he has attacked his mum more than once but thats ok he can harass other people unnecessarily and that is ok according to you lot. Well it isnt ok he has broken the law so many times and other people end up paying for his mess. I hope he is sent to prison for a long time but I expect he will once again get “away” with it but one day he will pick on the wrong person and he will get his come uppance that or he will be dead before hes 30 due to alcohol poisioning either way is fine by me.


        If he was a benefit cheat his money would have been stopped long ago… Under the current regime in the UK it is very hard to qualify for DLA… Chris has physical and mental health issues (which you people are making worse)… How can you be totally devoid of any compassion? It has become fashionable in recent years to bash people on benefits, aim for the easy targets, it’s a distraction and you a falling for it like a sucker… Which has been encouraged by government and media… You should really get off that bandwagon…Its plain to see he uses alcohol to self-medicate… Chris is Chris and nothing you do will change him, that’s just the way he is… SHOW SYMPATHY NOT HATE


          OMG Ryans new name


          BTW when you have an expert teacher e.g. his mother it is easy to fool the system. His mum has done it for years and has passed the know how down to her son. Why Chris starts showing sympathy and remorse for what he has continually done to other people then I may rethink my opinion.

          The only sucker is you being drawn into his web of lies. I notice you conveniently forget to comment on his violence but i suppose you will just excuse that and put it down to his “fake” conditions.

          The oh Chris is Chris is a cop out his supporters use when they know he has fucked up.

        3. Ben the Bastard

          Still, it doesn’t give him the right to spend it all on booze while begging at the same time in order to make ends meet of himself with not being able to manage his spending.

    2. I’ve never accessed his computer with Teamviewer or anything else for that matter.


        You are no saint, this is just a personal vendetta, and you would go to any lengths to hurt him…

        1. Anonymous

          stfu cryin’ ryan you fucking pussy.

  7. raoul duke

    FACTS 2 of us his former mods have witnessed him trying to show us a video of kids in the bath, via skype when he was drunk and partying. This wasnt some u been framed shit this was kids in a bath naked

  8. raoul duke

    FACT chris has attempted to show 2 of his mods roughly 8 months back a video of kids in a bathtub at 12am when drunk and partying via skype. This wasnt a you been framed video this was older kids in a tub.

  9. raoul duke


  10. raoul duke


  11. SexyChrisWhile

    I would just like to confess to everyone that I am retarded.

  12. cherry lover

    Mark gronan that is a statement for a police officer have the police visted you yet .. what is it with chris do u fancy him or something im unsure .. you certainly have enough recorded footage to make me think u do …


      Maybe like the rest of us cherry lover he is fedup of Chris claiming money he has no right to because he is not sick, disabled or unable to move because of his “bad” back the one which is so bad he cannot walk without the aid of a cane according to his mother.

      Maybe also he is sick of this spineless moron getting away with physically attacking women, this same excuse of a man who would never dare attack a man. The only time he has any bottle is when he is a casting warrior and then shouts abuse but faced with the possibility of someone coming to Barrow to see him ran crying to hide at his mummy’s place.

      The only comments I can make on the child porn allegations are that he would never be issued with a letter that states he is not to be in the company of any child under the age of 16 unsupervised or have a court date (despite him saying there are no charges) without some evidence, whether it turns out to be true we will all know in time i am sure.

      Mark just had the means and yes the bottle to carry out something that many of us wanted to do.

  13. Ben the Bastard

    And Angelstormee, you may think your doing Chris a favour by keeping him in line with yourself and yourself only, by giving him money but in reality, your not helping him one bit by doing so. I take it you Angel has never heard of tough love? If you really liked the guy as your making yourself out to be, you wouldn’t be encouraging him to do the stuff on cam by keeping him satisfied with giving him money all the time for him to keep buying booze. Jesus, need I need to spell it right out for you???

  14. Priti_Patel

    I’m struggling with the ‘leave him alone, wheres your empathy?’ argument.

    1. He voluntarily casts the stuff being used against him
    2. He brags about abusing the benefit system
    3. He is vile and abusive to others

    His cyber wife is just as despicable. After listening to Vile volunteer he is not allowed near under 16 year olds unsupervised, she then states that Mark is spreading shit about him. Again, he volunteered that himself.

    The longer this conversation goes on the more the pair of them descend into insanity.

    Mark is pretty restrained all things considered.

    He gets a fair bit of abuse here, and remains reasonable through all of it, while Vile reverts back to his norm. Bereft of a decent defence he sinks to threats and abuse.

    How do you make it stop Christopher? Leave the internet, for good. Just go. He is ridiculously delusional and just needs to fuck off.


      I am in total agreement very well said Priti.

  15. jabbamarkgronan

    i challenge mark gronan to show proof all claims of him not sexually raping his 13 year old sister as all we have is his word on that it raises suspicion as to that whole story i also ask mark to provide proof that chris has to keep away from under 16s other than his work hoping it sticks

    1. Anonymous

      Chris said it himself that he had a letter telling that he was not to be unsupervised when with a child under the age of 16 or are you saying that Shitty lies surely not. So when he says he doesnt have Child Porn on his computer you believe him but when he says he has been told officially to stay away from under 16s you say he is lying and ask Mark Gronan to provide proof. Mark said nothing about this Chris brought it up on his own valition.

      You Shitty supporters really do think the sun shines out of his shitty smelly dirty arse dont you.

      All that aside he is a violent thug who bullies when he cannot get his own way. It is documented that he HAS HIT his mother on more than one occasion, that he has hit at least two of his ex-girlfriends, that he tried to strangle a young girl, that he continually tells people to go kill themselves and their children.

      But as usual the Shitty lovers ignore that time and time again and dont get me started on his benefit cheating fake illness.

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