Clips Of The Week 03/4/2016

Tight bottoms, embarrassing denials, and the real big VL anouncement, just some of the clips you may have missed from the last 7 days.


Dolypero Goes For The Deirdre Barlow Look:

Deirdre Barlow

Dolypero with glasses

ElectroJed Has A Tight Anus:

According to Katie…


AngelStormee: The Eyes Of A Serial Killer:

*Credit goes to Monkeysniffer for the Photoshop.


Monkeysniffer on Angel

SexyChris: Is It A Lip Or A Tongue:

Chris lip out

Theresa: UKSlummpets DIDN’T Doxx Me:

Just when you thought the embarrassment of being doxxed and claiming you left the Internet because you were on a cruise was bad, Terri came up with another blinder..or is that a binder?

First off, the woman who claims she never visits this site, refuses to watch Wayne’s link of the spoof Chris video that Mark Gronan made.


Ugh? That wasn’t one of our video’s Terri, sorry. It was Marks, but hey ho, proves you do come here after all eh?

Then came the monthly denial that it wasn’t even her that was doxxed 🙂


Ugh? There was no mention of your Myspace account?


Then, hilariously, she makes the most bizarre claim ever.


Ok, lets play her failed mind games. So which part of the name is right? Are you Michelle Binder Martinez? Or Theresa Binder Stacy?

Or are you, as we all know, Theresa Binder Martinez, and in actual fact, Michelle is your Daughter? 😉

Jock Supplies The DWP With The Latest Christopher While Workout DVD:

Marks follow up dvd for DWP

TonyBabyOil Leaks The Real Big VL Announcement:








John eyes_99-165_2nd_optimized


3 Thoughts to “Clips Of The Week 03/4/2016”

  1. Dusty_Bin

    That pic of Angel is brill she looks evil, Chris best hide a way now
    The Bottom lip, or tongue i cant make my mind up which it is.
    Michelle Stacy or whatever she says shes called, Thersa, Michellle , she’s so mixed up in her lies she does not know whats shes saying.
    The Magazine looks interesting where do i view it 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    LOL Theresa deleted her facebook and myspace account. and now even her twitter is private! OINK OINK

  3. Anonymous

    Love the magazine classic I would buy it to have a bloody good laugh lol

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