Mark Vaughn: My New Name For The Blogs

Every time he opens his mouth these days. poor Matthew Mark goes and shoots himself in the foot. This time he decides to make an important announcement. Only, it was about as important as whether it might rain at 3.54am next Thursday.

So to brush the embarrassment of his fail ‘big announcement’ under the the carpet, he decided to claim that he loves us all and he has a new name for the Blogs.

Only Mark being Mark, he talks before he thinks….


“Sociopaths are those that like to spin truths and lies, to the point where they believe them themselves”

You couldn’t make this up lol 🙂


I think you should of stuck to calling us all ‘hate blogs’….js.








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6 Thoughts to “Mark Vaughn: My New Name For The Blogs”

  1. Anonymous

    Mark Vaughn is insane! There’s no question

  2. BabylonGanoosh

    Poor Mark, he is the first human is recorded history to develop Brain Gout.

  3. toiletrage

    Interestingly, on Sociopaths, MissScruffy is in charge of complaints.

  4. VaughnCancer

    For a guy who says he doesn’t read the blogs he sure does talk about them a lot, LOL.

  5. Priti_Patel

    At times I really do feel for Mark. VL is his creation, and it shows. A major falling down for many owner operators is getting too close to their product. And Mark is umbilically joined to his. The site shoudnt be about the owner. He lost all sense of objectivity long ago. He should have taken a leaf out of Kate Moss’ book. Never complain, never explain.

  6. Anonymous

    VL wouldnt be half as bad or in half as much trouble if he hadnt of put scruffy in charge of stuff. This woman is incapable of being objective and her attitude of if you dont agree with me fuck off is totally the wrong way to run any business. Get rid of your mother Mark then maybe just maybe you can salvage Vaughn, keep her in a prominent position where she has contact with casters and guests and you have no chance.

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