The Jen Reynolds Diet

First off, whatever your thoughts on Jen are, you have to give anybody credit when they lose so much weight.

Here is a picture Jen posted in her cast recently, where she shows us what she looked like halfway through her diet, and how she looks now.


Jen Reynolds before and after


Very impressive i must say. How did she lose all those pounds? Well why not give her a call and join one of her Pyramid schemes, and i’m sure she will be more than happy to show you how you too can shed the ££  pounds quicker than you could ever imagine.

Got a spare 5000 pounds you want to get rid of? Jen’s the lady folks 😉









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One Thought to “The Jen Reynolds Diet”

  1. Anonymous

    Yes well done Jen for losing that weight. She will need your money now to maintain her constant surprised botox injected face they dont come cheap you know

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