Patricia Comes Clean

When you become a poisonous and vile mouth piece on the Internet, you will soon make lots of enemies, and it’s inevitable that you will get doxxed.

Just as Michellestacy did before her, GG tried to be the super bitch of the t’internet and as the same as MS did, ended up being doxxed.

All her details were posted on the Woodshed early this morning. So to try and claim a win, GG boots up her cast and goes all martyrdom and spills the whole sh*t.



Well, fair play to her. I don’t like the woman, but give her credit, she certainly made sure she gave out just about every detail of her past and present information.

And so confident and cocky as well.

But, was she?

 I think she’s already regretting her decision to try and be the winner in all this. Sometimes you just have to bite your tongue and admit defeat, rather than try and save face and end up making it ten times worse.

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11 Thoughts to “Patricia Comes Clean”

  1. pizzaman

    so she wants us to order her pizzas

    1. Anonymous

      Someone should order her a home gym.

      1. BabylonGanoosh

        Now THAT is funny.

  2. hmmmmphh

    the 1st address posted was hers, the one she said is not her. she is poo-pooing us all. time for a few test deliverys

  3. raoul duke

    another queen bitch believes her own hype

  4. gimpquest

    Hahahaha, I love how the scrag tried to put on a brave face. Hopefully her life becomes hell soon.

  5. OnDaCouch

    LOL @ Pizzaman! Hardwank isn’t much to talk about either. 🙂

  6. baboultrgayturkish

    baboultr is karl davis a terrorist supporting cunt who will be liable for his crimes

    1. Anonymous

      Offs grow up you idiot otherwise I will get your mummy to make sure you never has access to her computer again by keeping the sides of your playpen permanently up.

  7. Anonymous

    Not so smug now, are you bitch? Remember Patti you reap what you sow. 😉

  8. Aethelric of Bernicia

    Anyone say Pizza? Where is JohnyUtah when you need him?

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