The Problem With Lying

Is you can never remember which lie you told to which person. Take Mark here, after being accused of exploiting the recent Oma v Scrag drama to get viewers:


Mark and the GG ban3


That was on Friday the 22nd April. As you can see, Mark is saying that the reason VL is running like a bag of sh*t lately is because the servers are burning out due to excessive hits.

Which is odd, because on the 19th April, he posted this:

Mark -  more server problems 4

Then also on the 17th April, we were told this was the problem:

Mark - more server problems

But hey, not a problem for Mark. He fixed the problem by rewriting his code again.

Mark - more server problems2

But it’s still broken. Even this morning, it took a few seconds for VL to load. Now let’s humour Mark, and pretend that all the crashes and problems recently areΒ nothing to do with his inability to code, and it’s all because of more and more traffic, then what happened to all the new servers he claimed to have added from the VIP money?

Trust me, any server that has the specs of the ones he claims to use, is an extremely powerful machine. Throw in 25 of them, as he claims, then they should not be anywhere near capacity. Breakers, Vapers and Instagib are dead. the only site that would be using any kind of bandwidth is VL.

Is VL that busy that it needs more mega powerful servers adding? Or is it as we suspect, the servers are fine, Marks code is not?

Oma and Mark drama10

I mean, it’s not as though Mark doesn’t like to tell the odd porky here and there is it?

Mark and the GG ban5

Mark, you are yet to ban a single VPN IP i use on VL, nevermind seeing my REAL IP address. But yeah, you keep convincing yourself that you have banned over 81 million VPN’s and everybody has to use their true IP’s lol.

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4 Thoughts to “The Problem With Lying”

  1. Dusty_Bin

    I still use a VPN on Vaughn. Guess mine is not one of the 81 million.

  2. Anonymous

    mark is a moron that has no idea what he’s doing which is obvious to anyone who knows anything about website development. hell, just beautify his javascript and css. it’s laughable at best and that’s just his front end code. I can’t even begin to imagine what state his backend code is in. his site is built around ancient technologies and standards. it’s 2016 and he’s still using html4. it’s clear that mark just hacked together that site using jQuery and code from stackoverflow. what a nightmare it must be to manage that mess!

    hey mark, it’s 2016. try using some modern tech that we use to build sites and backends

    html 5

    then you might be able to build a modern responsive site that’s easy to maintain that works on all platforms πŸ™‚

    I remember on JTV when mark had that vaughn bot. he claimed he needed a server with 16 cores just to host an irc bot for 50 channels. that shows you how inefficient his code is.

    1. I’m really starting to believe this is the case. If he built it from scratch, it shouldn’t take him so long to find what the fault is. I think, and i’m not saying it’s definitely true, but i reckon all the crashes and errors with the site is him desperately trying to implement these new additions he’s been promising for months. Things like the MVN cams and the almost forgotten about IRC Chat for VIP’s.

      I don’t think he has a clue what he’s doing and everytime he tests one, it fucks up the site and he has to go back to his original layout. A bit like i did the other week when i tried to add a new feature, only to find when rebooted the server, it just crashed πŸ™‚

      But i’m no coder or programmer, i’m just some bloke who runs a WordPress site and i’ve never claimed otherwise.

      Maybe Mark should just hold his hands up too, and admit he’s not this genius programmer that he likes to portray, and get a real coder in to update his sites.

      I mean, whoever made Ivlog doesn’t seem to have problems with servers crashing all the time. Maybe Cr3am could be so kind as to give Mark his coder’s number πŸ˜‰

  3. Anonymous

    mark’s lies have been blogged about for years. you’d have thought by now he’d have figured out that lying gets him nowhere. but then again this is mark, a severely autistic moron with no shame that has no ability to learn from his mistakes

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