MVN: My Selective Eyesight

He’s come out with some insane comments and statements in the past, but his latest ‘excuses’ are almost off the scale when it comes to being idiotic.

We know Mark has some kind of fear of upsetting the ‘Scrag’ and this has been documented on several previous posts. But read and try and take in the latest bullshit to come from Mark ‘possibly the worst coder ever’ Vaughn.

For those who have not been up to date with the latest beef between tree trunk fingers GG and Oma, there is some argument going on between them over whether Oma’s baby died, or it is all, as GG claims, a lie.

Anyway, Oma was pissed with Mark over his fear of upsetting the Scrag, and letting them post some horrid, vile, taunts regarding the dead baby.


Oma and Mark drama


Oh yes, the infamous report system. The one that depending on who the report is against, either gets read and the offender banned instantly, or the reports are suddenly sent in, in the wrong format or they never arrived.

Now, just how can an email contain something that is in the wrong format? It either contains a screencap, or a very short video. Either way, it’s not too hard to view which ever it is.

Same with their other fake excuse, we didn’t receive your report.  Yeah, like Email’s often go missing don’t they. Probably some dodgy e-postman dumping the mail in the bushes….

But let’s go back to the strange claim here from Mark. Is he really telling somebody that they can’t assume something with their own mind, because ‘it’s on my website’ wtf?

Also, just make a quick note of Mark banning Jacketpockets for attacking him in Oma’s channel 🙂


Oma and Mark drama3


So, come on, own up, who sent the report in about Jacketpockets calling Mark names? Because Mark doesn’t say anything regarding nasty comments, unless there has been a report sent in right?

Then, Mark comes out with retarded quote of the decade.


Oma and Mark drama2


What the flying fuck? So lets just get this straight. If Mark is in a cast, and a member or guest say’s that he is going to blow your brains out, Mark can’t do anything, unless you email him a screencap, of what he has just read live anyway?

Is this fool on some legal high’s or something?

But wait a minute. Maybe, just maybe, when he goes to a room, he doesn’t watch the cast or chat, just sort of sits there playing i spy with my little eye…


Oma and Mark drama6


Ah, that’s it then, it’s confirmed. When Mark is in your cast, he’d rather watch YouTube video’s than watch your cast.

But then, how does he explain this?


Oma and Mark drama9


Oh, so he does watch the casts. Not only does he watch the cast and read the chat, he also spies on everybody’s IP address’ to see which pauper has the audacity to criticize him.

So to wrap this up, this is how VaughnLive works. Mark doesn’t get involved in any beefs unless it’s against GG.


Oma and Mark drama8


Mark also doesn’t read any chat or watch any cast, unless somebody talks about him.

Mark also refuses to take any action against a TOS that happens in a cast he is in, unless somebody talks about him.

Mark also confirms that should anybody offer to pay for somebody’s Doxx (which by the way, Mark claims that full names are NOT classed as doxxing on VL) they have breached a TOS.

Mark also confirms that mocking a dead baby with horrendous comments, is just an issue between members of his community and it’s ‘not worthy’ of punishment

We can also confirm, Mark is a humongous Dick!

Although, no matter how sad a situation may become, you can always depend on the Queen of casting sites to completely change the subject.


Oma and Mark drama5


Arise Queen Anita the IV….









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23 Thoughts to “MVN: My Selective Eyesight”

  1. Mangina

    Well, GG’s channel is closed for violating broadcast guidelines, so there goes that theory that he won’t ban ‘scrag’…

    1. 24 hour stream key ban. No site ban.

      1. Mangina

        Right, but you were making out like you thought ‘scrag’ people were untouchable…they aren’t.

        1. How long did Ayyone get banned for, just for asking for GG’s doxx? Which, once again, i must remind you, Mark claims isn’t a TOS?

          1. Mangina

            I have no idea, I do know he kissed their ass to come back….

            Unless you’re foxmanshawn or warrrbuck or joewalsh, if you kiss ass you can come back lol

    2. Anonymous

      ryan you’re bat shit crazy. get a grip you lunatic

  2. Pretty Princess

    VL is so stupid. I don’t even watch that site. We need a new sexychris.
    Ryan_Hifi .. here’s your chance. Drink booze and stream all day on ivlog sharing your knowledge.

  3. Anonymous

    Everyone knows the report “system” is a joke. I received a threat of physical violence, along with a claim that “they” know where I work. Capped it, reported it exactly as the Vaughns require.

    I got an email reply that my report was received and that I wouldn’t receive any other reply.

    They were right. The next thing I received was a death threat from the same username. I didn’t even bother to report it. They couldn’t even ban the username, so what’s the point?

    Thanks Vaughns!

  4. Anonymous

    welll ryan i am so glad you think it is ok for GG to make fun of a dead baby, if GG were to ever lose a child I hope she remembers that she thinks it is funny. What a foul nasty piece of work she is and she knows she can say what she likes because she is protected by Mark who loves his lump of lard. She tried to blame it all on Hardwork like the slimy nasty two faced bitch she is but she said nasty shit herself but of course later denied it but a lot of us saw as plain as day her type “I would like to take this opportunity to say Fuck Omas dead baby”.

    Of course ryan will say its free speech because he loves the vaughns and their hangers on too much.

    GG instead of spending 24/7 on cam try looking after your children i bet they dont even know what you look like anymore. Still i suppose it doesnt matter to someone who thinks a dead baby is a joke what her own kids think being a cam whore is much more important.

    1. That’s the problem with GG. She’s gone from quietly sitting in Shawnio’s casts, to trying to become the new Michelle Stacy.

      Whether Oma’s baby did die or not, or maybe she never even had a kid, i honestly don’t know, but for a Woman, who are supposed to be a lot more maternal than men, to come out and say such a vile thing as ‘fuck Oma’s dead baby’ is sick.

      I wonder how many female casters/viewers who have suffered miscarriages would think it’s funny to say shit like that.

      Sure, call her a bitch, slag, whore, asshole, whatever. But to make fun of a baby dying, just because somebody has pissed you off, is the act of a true lowlife scumbag.

      The worst part of it all is, it wasn’t something just said in the heat of the moment. No, she was bragging about it all night in Bubba’s cast with Mark Vaughn, mocking the paltry 24hr ban she had from casting.

      And more disturbingly, Mark was almost apologising for taking her stream key away at all. Constantly coming out with things like ” don’t worry guys, GG’s ban will be up at 12:30pm” and “it’s dealt with now, lets move on”.

      Which is strange, in that the mocking of a dead baby by GG and Hardwood should be hushed up and never mentioned again, yet Ayyone asks for GG’s doxx, and Mark does a special cast to highlight it and obviously try and gain as much sympathy for ape fingers as possible.

      Mark Vaughn, giving special treatment…never 😉

    2. Mangina

      where the fuck am I defending GamerGirl’s actions? I only said Mark is not afraid of banning anyone. You people can’t understand common sentence structure?

      1. Anonymous

        The fuck you are defending her. Mark gave her a paltry streaming ban which was useless as she wasnt going to cast anyway. If he wasnt scared he would have issued a site ban, an IP ban call it what you like. Then he spends the rest of the evening apologising that he took the stream key away from this nasty ugly lump of lard. Ryan it is unbelievable you are the one that cant understand the simplest of actions. Not once have you said what she did was wrong but then you are so obsessed with the vaughns you make it about the brave Mark (the spineless jellyfish).

        1. Mangina

          I don’t care about what she did, if it was wrong, or it was right – I only know that this post was claiming ‘scrag’ people were UNTOUCHABLE. By giving GG a 24 hour ban, it proves she is not UNTOUCHABLE. That is all. You’re the one having a hard time understanding.

          1. Anonymous

            it wasnt a ban because she was still allowed in other channels she was just not allowed to cast and she was not going to be casting anyway. Proves that the “scrag” people are UNTOUCHABLE. It was nothing more than a pretence to fool people like you luckily 99% of people realised it was a complete farce. Its you that is having the hard time understanding not me.

          2. Mangina

            Well at least you’re not claiming I’m defending anyone now

    3. Mangina

      I also no longer support vaughnlive or its staff – where have you been?

      1. Hagar

        Mangina, who cares. This blog never covered GG or gave a shit about that crowd anyway. It would have been Scuttlebutt’s blog possibly, but they moved on to more interesting things too. No need to be all autistic about this. We all know GG and Mark relationship is an act just like T_Rucker. It’s not even drama material.

  5. Anonymous

    this is a case of the lunatics running the asylum

  6. Anonymous

    Mark claimed I attacked him…I called him a White Knight.

    1. Anonymous

      I take that back, I did not even call him a White Knight, I asked “are you still playing White Knight on Gg’s behalf?”.

  7. Anonymous

    mark is mentally challenged

  8. Ben the Bastard

    Well that make sense, Mark witnesses something but won’t do anything about it there and then but advises you to his reporting page in which emails tend to not arrive or get lost in transit. More like any E-mails and reports that do get sent, goes through Miss Scruffy first and if Miss Scruffy see fit to forward to Mark, they get forwarded but those reports and such that are deemed toward their favourites end up getting deleted or sent to the spam box which don’t get read at all. Yea right, not worth the energy in reporting anything then..

  9. Anonymous

    I guess Mark was waiting for Oma to agree with him? I know the Vaughns don’t deal well with reasonable objections, but that was ridiculous. Mark, you can’t force people to agree with you. That was some pansy-ass bullying and good for Oma to stand up to him.

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