Chris v Mark: The Vlogging War Has Began

After keeping low over the last week, Chris returned today with a video reply to Mark Gronan’s last YouTube message.

Here we have Chris discussing what he perceives as Cyberbullying.


And of course, you can’t have a war, without rockets from both sides.


In theory, Chris does have a point. Lot’s of people have blazing rows, fall out, then make friends again, and that’s how it should be.

However, Chris rather conveniently forgets to mention that after making his mistakes and apologising, the minute that same person dares to mention work, cutting down on drinking, or whispers a word about the way he abuses his Mother, the same vile “oh fuck off and die” rant starts all over again.

In Chris’ mind, as long as he say’s sorry after each tirade of vitriolic, venomous insults, it doesn’t matter how many times it happens.

Still, this new Vlogging battle could get quite interesting 🙂







  • On a side note. Did i just just witness Christopher go a whole 14 minutes without a single hmmmpphhh?







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19 Thoughts to “Chris v Mark: The Vlogging War Has Began”

  1. Postman pat

    How can anyone take Chris serious on the cyber bullying, trying to play the innocent in all this. You do your fair share of cyber bullying Chris. And let’s not forget the fact you bully your own mum, sorry is meaningless to you.

  2. hmmmmmph

    Why does he act like everyone wants him to kill himself? The only person who ever mentions it is chris himself, constantly going on about killing himself to get it over and done with whenever something doesn’t go his way.

  3. Anonymous

    I was bored still after 3 minutes of listening to shitty one of the biggest cyberbullies ever

  4. Anonymous

    ryan hi fi is one of the biggest cyber bullies i know

    1. Mangina

      oh really? does he threaten to expose you? Nope. Does he threaten to make you lose friends? Nope. Does he call you names? Nope. I think you need to re-visit the definition of a bully.

  5. Shittywhile4prison

    I could almost smell the filth of that fucking pig sitting on his sofa, yuck. And Mark, you look like a fucking tit flashing your bank balance, it’s the second time you have done it in a video, give it a rest, mate.

    1. I like Shitty to know what I have cause it makes mad with jealousy…that is all.

  6. this is priceless

    this is priceless mark groanan are you seriously proud of yourself do u not watch yourself and think what a tool ???

    1. No, I don’t consider that at all in fact I enjoy winding shitty up with my bank balance.

      1. Peter Pan

        shame he doesnt have anything to spend all that money on like normal people. Wife, kids, car, real house. Must be nice living the bachelor life 4 life.

    2. Ben the Bastard

      lmao, I think he done just that, to then make his vids private.

  7. cameroon texas

    mark gronan has said before he would go to the court now he has changed his mind saying he has some personal commitments then he is now saying he will go if the trial continues makeyour mind up instead of now distancing yourself from going, As for showing your bank balance what a complete show off, As for your wide toad looking eyes missing neck round orange shaped face and upside down mouth you are no less uglier than jubba the hut i bet your so single. but karma is a glorious thing mr gronan many people hate and detest you, and just now using you as the front man to attack chris,

  8. this is priceless

    Mark groanan do you earn your money working in a pie factory cause u certainly look as if u have eaten enough of them .. admit it Mark you have a secret gay crush on shitty pants ..

  9. cameroon texas

    mark gronan does not work he is on benefits

  10. cameroon texas

    funny how mark gronan has now set all his videos to private thank god we have copies

  11. pizzaman

    mark gronan is that the name of your file of child porn images??

  12. @WeAreLegion_4CH

    So this is what Mark Gronan is up to, well mark we have our sights on you and your antics- we will make you and family’s life hell !

    1. SickofShittyLovers

      Amazing it seems that Shitty is now becoming the victim what a laugh. This foul nasty excuse for a human and you all look to blame someone else. Shitty is the violent one who has attacked his mum and ex girlfriends, he is the abusive one who tells people to go slit their wrists, go kill themselves and their children, shitty is the benefit cheat and the one laughing at the taxpayers but when someone finally has the nerve to do something all you little ass lickers come out of the woodwork and blame anyone but shitty. What will happen if your precious shitty has been looking and getting off on child porn will you all blame the children for having their photos on line.

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