Proof MVN Was Better Than His Tutors

We’ve all seen Mark’s ‘biography’ so to speak, where he claims he had to leave College due to the Tutors not being able to teach him anything he didn’t already know.

And just to prove his coding knowledge would leave his former Tutors green with envy, here we show the skillz of the man known as Mark Vaughn.


Mark - more server problems2


See how good he is. On to the problem straight away, and rewriting the entire API code.

Mark - more server problems 7

Hmm. It must be really tough trying to find the fault with your own code.

Mark -  more server problems 3

Damn. First the viewer count stops working, and now the video doesn’t work properly either.

Fear not, the man who knew more than his Tutors will soon have this fixed…

Mark -  more server problems 4

See, this is a man who knows his shit. Take a look at the graph, this dude is the dogs bollox when it comes to finding out why his own code is failing.

Mark - more server problems

See, my man can fix his shit in no time.

But wait, what does all that mean?

Mark - more server problems1

You see, this is a common thing with Mark. Now rather than say ‘shit, i was trying to add a new script to the server and it has fucked it all up’ he will try and blame somebody else, or if that fails, bamboozle you with geek language.

This is the same tactic used by the Courts and Police. The Courts and Police use their own language, known as Legalise. This is where they will communicate with you using their own lingo, in the hope that it will confuse you and you will just agree with what they are saying.

Just like when the Police ask you do you understand when reading you your rights ( which in Legalise means you stand under them) Mark will use terms like ‘edge servers’ and ‘buffer overflows’

This is to confuse everybody into thinking that it must be a server/hardware error, rather than just saying in layman’s terms ‘ my code is failing to authenticate users stream names with the servers’

This is because, if he was honest and said that, he would get slaughtered for it.

But is Mark really a good coder/programmer?

Mark - more server problems 5

This is only an example of faults that have been there for a long time.

The notifications haven’t worked since new year. The ability to reset your password by email hasn’t worked for god knows how long. And as far as i am aware, he still hasn’t supplied a single feature that he promised to VIP subscribers.

Now some will say he’s busy. Fair enough, that would be a reasonable excuse. But then when you see him sitting and chatting in Bubba’s and GG’s cast for hours on end, or you see him casting and playing Minecraft, when people who have paid him money are still waiting for more than an adblocker, you have to wonder if he really does know what the hell he’s doing.

Still, he promises new features that in all reality, will never arrive.

Mark - autoshare coming soon

‘sharing to Facebook and Twitter is in the works’

Dude, Xsplit are already doing that. You are years behind in everything you talk about.

 Serious question now. Do any of you genuinely expect this upcoming feature to ever exist?

Nah, me neither.

Mark - more server problems 6

VIP ftw 😉

John eyes_99-165_2nd_optimized

41 Thoughts to “Proof MVN Was Better Than His Tutors”

  1. Mangina

    Okay, let’s see you code a better site.

    1. Anonymous

      Manwhiner my dog could code a site better than Mark Vaughn.

    2. Topshot

      Funny when people say stuff like you just did.

      Karl coding a better or worse site has nothing to do with it. The point of the post is to show how much Mark Vaughn bullshits and how he doesn’t deliver features he said he would.

    3. Anonymous

      if you think building a site like vaughn is hard and that mark is some kind of genius then you’re a clueless idiot! vl is nothing but a stripped down version of jtv that runs and looks like crap. i love when people say let’s see ur site then. why would any sane person waste their life and money creating a cam site these days? the trend is dead and who in their right mind would wanna risk jail by allowing people to stream all that copyright content?

    4. Ryan, i’ve never claimed to be a superior coder/programmer than an Tutor in my life. But should i ever claim such a thing, rest assured, it wouldn’t be bullshit 🙂

      1. Mangina

        I completely fail to understand how what any person claims about themselves or their ability has to do with whether or not you want to use their website. The two are completely different things. I mean that’s like saying “I’m not going to eat at Burger King, even though I love their burgers, because their CEO claimed to be a genius and I don’t agree”

        It’s absurd!

    5. Anonymous

      ryan, take ur meds before you comment. remember what your doctor told you

  2. Anonymous

    The dude is an autistic moron that’s way over his head! He’s nothing but a never ending torrent of bullshit and lies! He throws random technical terms around, which he doesn’t really have a clue what they mean to make himself look knowledgable to the drunks, retards and drug addicts that frequent his hacked together abortion of a cheap JTV clone he calls a website.

    His site is built upon a foundation of old tech, old standards and is basically just a collection of code snippets/ideas that he’s stolen from other cam sites, and stackoverflow, that he tried to stitch together. He doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing, which is obvious to anyone who’s into web development. The sheer amount of bugs, crashes and lack of new features over the years just proves what a deluded incompetent buffoon Mark Vaughn really is.

    Mark is Autistic, he has no sense of embarrassment, shame or dignity. He lives in his own head in some kind of fantasy world. His mommy feeds his delusions of grandeur and ego. He has a belief that’s been instilled into him by his simple Christian bible bashing mommy that he’s some kind of genius which is hilarious.. Any normal person would have hold their hands up and said, I don’t have a clue what I’m doing, I’m out of my depth and got some help. Not Mark though, he’ll blame anyone and anything rather than accept reasonability.

    1. Anonymous

      What’s up with diagnosing a person with autism when you aren’t a psychologist, psychiatrist or even a psychoanalyst of some sort? It has become a trend for people to play fast and loose with the words ”autism” and ”aspergers” syndrome with a lack of respect for people who actually have this sort of spectrum mental illness. If you don’t like Mark or his site, fine, but why use the term ”autistic” to describe him by using this as a cuss word almost. It’s deplorable.

      1. Anonymous

        Ryan you belong in a mental institution, you fucking failed abortion fat piece of shit.

        1. Mangina

          get your people straight. I’m not the only one who dislikes disabilities being mocked.

      2. Anonymous

        ryan, you don’t need to be a psychologist to know that mark is an autistic idiot

  3. Bozo

    The point of university is to learn how to socialize, communicate, find a suitable wife, and be around professional like minded people …. not to just be tutored. The fact that he was homeschooled his whole life by mama if just prison sentence. Really bad parenting she’s stuck with “socially awkward” mama’s boy the rest of her life.

    1. Anonymous

      I think Bozo that is exacatly what she wanted. I cant ever seen him leaving home and if he ever brought a woman home heaven help her she would feel the wrath of scruffy for daring to try and take away mommys little boy from her.

      1. Anonymous

        lol brought a woman home. he never leaves his house because of his social anxiety disorder. all he does is sit on the internet 24/7 pretending that he’s mark zuckerberg to a bunch of simpletons that believe his lies and bullshit. because that’s all he has in life. pathetic really

  4. Anonymous

    Mark Vaughn is the laughing stock of the internet and the best part is he doesn’t even realize just how stupid he looks. He has a lot of mental problems I think

  5. Anonymous

    I wonder what’ll happen to this mommy dependant loser when his enabler/wife/lover/friend/mommy/stalker scrubby kicks the bucket. lol what a strange ass relationship those two creepy fucks have! it’s like something from a horror movie

  6. Mangina

    For the life of me I cannot understand all this bashing of a guy who gives a completely free service and does the best he can. Time and time again, we see that people online treat others they have never met in person like total dog shit. It’s gotten to be the norm. This isn’t how we’re supposed to treat each other. We catch a little glimpse of a person and their personality through lines of cable from thousands of miles away and think we’re equipped to judge and diagnose their mental capacity and stability even though we have no experience in psychology as a professional. It makes me sad to see people constantly hurting eachother, and finding joy in it. This is something I will never understand.

    1. Anonymous

      Mangina Vaughn is not totally free he charges now. With regard to people treating each other like total shit yes that is sad but scruffy is the worse offender on Vaughn for doing just that. Time and time again I have seen her say to guest and casters who have not been rude or disrespectful to her, ask a perfectly reasonable and valid question but because she hasnt got a proper answer she resorts to saying well guest/caster if you dont like it fuck off. Maybe if she started treating people with some respect she would get it back. Her son isnt much better to be honest.

      1. Mangina

        No, it’s still completely free – just like ivlog and other sites are completely free. It’s up to the user if they want to help donate to the site in exchange for certain benefits.

        As for ‘who have not been rude of disrespectful to her’, simply asking a question about ban policies or questioning how the site is run in open chat is in itself rude and disrespectful. This is why you get the reactions you do. If you have a concern, use polite language and use the contacts they have put in place.

        If you start asking cr3am about chat policies and ‘why isn’t so and so banned?’ or ‘when is so and so going to get unbanned?’ in any main chatroom on his site, he will respond the same way.

        It’s only convenient for all of you to not notice all the similarities on these sites.

        1. Ok, i don’t even know why i still entertain your absurd comments any more, but here goes just a couple of errors you made.

          1) When you say VL is completely free still, that’s not quite true. Because Mark has made it so that unless you are VIP, you are likely to be sacrificed regarding bandwidth during busy times. Now as much as we know for a fact that this is just a
          scam, it’s still telling people, pay for my services if you want priority, uninterupted, smooth casts. So no, technically, if you want a decent service, you have to pay.

          2) Are you seriously trying to say that nobody should ask a question to the owner of the site in public? What is this, North Korea? I notice you mention about asking Cr3am if so and so is banned in the chat section of casts, that he would act the same. Sorry, he wouldn’t, because he wouldn’t be there. Cr3am doesn’t ghost and micromanage his casters, so there would be no “don’t dare ask this in a public cast”

          You have said in other posts that Mark can do what he wants with his site. So why do you keep moaning at Scuttles when they block your comments? I mean, by your logic, Scuttles can do what he wants, and you should just accept it…no?

          1. Mangina

            Cr3am casts on his own channel and hangs out in other channels, Karl. If someone were to go into a room where he was ask ask those questions, they would get treated the same way.

            Finally, to address the Vaughnlive ‘not being totally free’ statement – I don’t pay a single penny to Vaughnlive, I never have. I’ve also never EVER seen ‘servers at capacity’ message. Not once! Could it be due to us using the site at different times? Perhaps – but I still maintain my theory that he targets certain people and IP addresses or those using a VPN with that message. It’s another way of saying ‘fuck you’ to the trolls.
            As for Scuttlebutt’s website, they doctor comments and screenshots – they are a joke. You don’t edit what people say when you publish a comment. There is no comparison.

            However….you support the bullying and rude treatment of others. You might ask me ‘how in the world do I do that?”…

            I’ll tell you how. For example, posting the nude photo of a caster in one of your posts. You might think it’s all fair and fun, but you cause people to now go into that caster’s room and harass her for more nudes, or treat her like a skank/slut. If the story had not been printed, this wouldn’t be happening.

            Now, if you’re going to sink to the level of Scuttlebutt, by all means go ahead – but you’ll lose any respect you may possibly have in the community.

    2. Anonymous

      Ryan, I think you’re insane or a very bad troll

      1. Mangina

        The kinds of things you people want allowed on websites aren’t allowed on any of them – ivlog included. Why is putting someone down all the time and making jokes and insulting mental disabilities necessary? It just shows a lack of class.

        1. Anonymous

          Hey Ryan, I thought that your psychologist suggested that you only go online after you’ve taken your medication?

    3. Bozo

      I know why. You must be blind. The try to operate a business, ok. Then they force brute trailer park customer service onto their patrons; being rude, obnoxious, and in the front line. They are retards taking advantage of retards, rather than working silently in the background.

      If my ISP or e-mail service continuously sent me letters on how much of a stupid shit I was, I’d go elsewhere. People turned on Chris’ mods too when they were pushing their authority of kick after kick after kick, until chris’ channel was no more.

      Vapers, Breakers, and Misc section are doing ok .. Because the two of them don’t have an active hand in its daily use. As for his flagship people section I can’t see his precious Bates Motel still running in 2 years. Internet trends are moving too fast these days, and his demographic audience is getting too old to be binge drinking anymore or dying off.

      1. Mangina

        They are operating a private website the way they want to, not the way everyone else suggests. Regardless, if you or anyone else has a problem with a website or its owner – how about just leaving? Why do you have to carry on insulting people, being terrible and abusive etc?

        You can buy a domain and run it how you see fit, that is the beauty of free enterprise.

        1. Anonymous

          I think you will find that most people who run a business succeed because they take into consideration their customer base e.g. the people who keep their business afloat.

          To run the website the way they want to is fine if they dont need customers but they do. No matter how you dress it up the Vaughns are rude, arrogant and because of this their website is suffering and will continue to do so.

          Asking a question about their website is not being disrespectful to them except in your world where it seems any form of question is being rude.

          I have contacted them via the proper channels, have been very polite and guess what I have not even had the respect of receiving a response. Also it is not a private website it is open to the public without whom they will fail. They are losing people whether it be casters or guests because of THEIR attitude not OURS.

          1. Mangina

            Why is it then that the Vaughns have never once been rude or arrogant to me? Why is it I don’t see that side of them? It’s due to what I say about them and how I treat them.

        2. Anonymous

          how is it a private website? it can be accessed by anyone in any country. it’s a PUBLIC site on the internet you dumbass

  7. Mangina

    OKAY – I HAVE NEVER BEEN THIS PISSED OFF IN MY LIFE. I WAS TRYING TO CAST and everyone kept getting servers at capacity messages, me included – first time EVER! This is because hipperz62 went live and his troll friends swarmed the site….

    Well, I believe it all now – FUCK MARK FUCK HIS SITE. It’s just a shame I deleted my account on ivlog that had a stream key…now I have to pay for one again and can’t….

    1. Anonymous

      Keep crying you whiny fucking bitch.

    2. Anonymous

      ryan i’d be less concerned with what’s happening on a tiny nothing site like vaughn, and more concerned about your mental health. you sir have severe mental problems

  8. Anonymous

    Mark quit school in the 6th grade because of drugs and rape. Then Mark dropped out of college because he was smarter than his professors. Scruffy was allergic to books. Paper and ink. What a fucking family the Vaughns are!

    I bet Mark and Scruffy are married too and they fuck each other.

    1. Anonymous

      hahaha those pair belong in a lunatic asylum. the best part is those crazy fucks think the whole world is crazy and they’re the only sane people in it

  9. Anonymous

    The site is not free you idiots. Unless you pay for VIP, Mark will fuck your channel up with those server busy messages or fuck up your chat. He is forcing you to pay now. The Vaughns are crooks. Also, every site and restaurant has to have business standards, Do you live under a rock not to see people complaining about them in the news everyday?

    1. Anonymous

      I agree, they are dirty scamming greedy crooks. the good news is that with all their health issues they’ll both probably be history within the next 10 years

  10. Anonymous

    vl is where all the trash that can’t function in society go. well done mark vaughn, you’ve created a hang out for the dregs of humanity. what an accomplishment mr genius! you should be proud you batshit crazy worthless cunt

  11. Anonymous

    mark shares a lot of the traits of a psychopath. has no empathy for others, has no morals, has an inflated sense of self worth, thinks he’s smarter than everyone else, is socially inept, can’t function in society, has stalking tendencies, doesn’t know how to act around females, and has a creepy relationship with his mommy.

    hummm kinda sounds like norman bates

    1. Anonymous

      Hahaha thanks I will now refer to Mark as Norman.

    2. Anonymous

      “A boy’s best friend is his mother.” – Mark Vaughn

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