CherryBreeze – Saved By The Joker

It sounds like a scene from a Batman movie, only on this occasion, there was no need for the legendary ‘pow’ ‘bam’ or ‘splat’ quotes to appear on the screen. Just a copy of Cherry’s stream key and a flick of a button and kapow, the damsel in distress was saved from the Scruffy ban hammer (for now at least)





Looking back now, he did the right thing. She would of been pissed if she had woke up this morning and found herself banned, and not remembering why lol.

Still, it would of been nice to have a quick look 😉









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12 Thoughts to “CherryBreeze – Saved By The Joker”

  1. IP

    Good man the Joker, he done the noble thing. I am sure there are going to be a lot of old lonely old men screaming at their computers but he made himself a martyr lol

    1. 666666

      I agree IP that is what you call a good friend well done Joker.

  2. protoolz

    “Cherry is a mess” – Donald Trump.

  3. magic

    a lot of blind old men ?

  4. Anonymous

    cool spyware link bro

    1. That pop up is annoying i know. I’m gonna move the vid to another site, fuck Sendvid and their dodgy pop ups.

      1. Moved to now, so no more pop ups.

  5. Anonymous

    First off, GG shows more than cherry did. I think Joker was scared, some ass posted how to report caster in room. I know cherry did’t show much, just was having fun dancing. If I was cherry, I would get a new password no one else should know. Cherry I guess is in her 20’s, big girl now, have fun like you were, don’t need someone pulling your strings. I like joker but it is giving the impression he is over controlling. I know you cared for cherry but you can’t be a babysitter all her life. Cherry needs to take control of her own life.

    1. Lazerguided

      In her 20’s? Nope, she is like 38 or something, seems like time stay off toxic websites like VL and get help for her obvious alcohol problem.

  6. But Cherrybreeze is a devious, jealous smackhead. Why anyone would want to look out for her is beyond me. She deserves to get banned and well, the Joker is only delaying the inevitable. Since Cherrybreeze is from the UK and Ireland, and Miss Scruffy hates anyone from anywhere other than America, who bans and closes people’s accounts without a valid reason other than speculation. I for one who’s had 2 accounts taken down for doing nothing wrong and Ireland’s Patriot, I don’t think he got shut down for broadcasting of porn and pasting links of porn sites. No, in my opinion, I think Joker is really looking into Cherry’s nickers here.

  7. IamSonchild196

    Thats not cherrybreeze thats sirensea.

  8. It is what it is

    It is what it is.

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