Clips Of The Week 08/05/2016

It’s been probably the quietest week for any action that i can remember. When all the big guns are gone, it leaves you literally scraping around for something to record.

Still, here’s some clips from the last 7 days that you might have missed.


SirenSea: Watch Your Wallets Guys.

Sirensea - golddigger

Is the gorgeous Siren looking for love?

Or Money?

Well Siren, i own a Mansion in Buckinghamshire and 2 yachts docked down in sunny Torbay. Not to mention to 3 sports cars, 6 sun soaked holidays a year….js 😉

Sweetpea Boots Ryan Hifi.

Sweetpea kicks Ryan from Buckle420 cast

Ouch! And all the times Ryan defended her too.

SexyChris Returns For A Day.

He’s been missing from the casting scene lately. But back he came, this time trying his luck on Hitbox.

And lasted all of a day before he was banned for good lol.

Chris banned from hitbox

Mark Vaughn Bumps His Car:

I can feel the overwhelming empathy from each and every one of you 😉

Question Of The Week: Mclean’s Educated Guess.

This guy is on the ball 🙂

Paradice: Deep In Thought.

Or just drunk?

Paradice - clear cam5

Carlos Gets Down And Dangerrous.

CarlosDangerr sexy 1

CarlosDangerr sexy 2

CarlosDanger sexy 3

I love Emma 🙂

Cherrybreeze Seduces Her Knife.

When i die, i want to come back as a kitchen knife. Preferably one in Zoe’s house.

Well that’s it for this week. Hopefully there will be more news to report over the following few days.

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14 Thoughts to “Clips Of The Week 08/05/2016”

  1. LMFAO at question of the week and the seduction of a knife thanks for making me smile 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    So glad Wayne pushes his vigilante attitude about wanting chris to go down hard. Everytime I read UKM chat it’s always about how much everyone can’t stand chris and hate him so much. So glad we never have to watch chris again, evar. So glad Randall’s gone. 1 by 1 the flies drop. Thank you very much for ridding the internet 1 caster at a time.

  3. Ian McKnight

    Paradice is hot as f**k

  4. Chippy_Tea

    Poor Ryan getting put in his place he wont like that, haha at Mcclean where you from you look British.
    Try slowing down Mark Vaughn, blaming others for your driving mishap, sounds familiar to the Vaughn excuses.

    Chris probably thought has his games machine is in the background he could cast on a gaming site only lol. He will re surface soon he usually does.

  5. Provider-of-Meatloaf

    “SweatPea” (as she should be known) is an obese social reject whose only means of gratification in life is using the ban button. Well, ban away you corpulent porcine fleshy zeppelin, you still don’t have a single friend in the real world.

    1. Observer

      She bans for absolutely no reason! I agree meatloaf! She was lighting a cigarette or something and on a guest cam, and it looked like she was lighting her chin. I said ‘sweetpea is lighting her chin on fire’ as a simple joke, (i was a guest) and boom kicked….it’s not my fault she sees everything as a joke about her fucking weight. I’m respectful and don’t care about her fucking weight. A lot of people will no longer make her super op because she gets ban happy and controlling.

    2. Salami for Everyone

      Every single “MOD” on ivlog, VL, Camup etc. is a social misfit who’s only interaction with the public is via these sites. And if you think about it, a MOD is basically the equivalent of a school hall monitor or crossing guard.

  6. Noneyourbusiness

    SweetPea is a very well liked lady. I understand ya idiots know nothing about her and ya should know Ryan thought it would be funny to post a picture of her on your very blog page with all her hair falling out…photoshopped of course cause u idiots have nothing else to do with ya time. So its funny to u in the UK to make fun of a person who has cancer? So get the facts Ryan goes in rooms and acts like hes SOMEONE when no-one really likes him anyway. Grow up kids…move out of moms and i hope that each and ever one of you loses a battle to cance or has someone you cared about lost a battle with cancer and then we can post funny pictures of you on the internet and make fun of you ….have a great day

  7. Provider-of-Meatloaf

    “i hope that each and ever one of you loses a battle to cance” (SIC)

    You see, SWEAT Pea, this is why no one likes you. You are a mean spirited fatso and you can’t spell worth a tinker’s damn.

  8. Noneofyourbuisnessassholetacoheadmeatfucker

    Um Sweatpea didn’t write this dick cheese i did…meat whatever ya think ya are …so i missed a letter and the spelling Nazi comes up with only that? Not that ya disgusting pigs who call yourselves men pick on ladies or the mentally retarded cause your little dicks cant handle picking on someone who will fight back.Now word check the whole thing and get back to me little boy when ya done with ya homework and mom says its alright to go on computer….

  9. Provider-of-Meatloaf

    LMAO, you just typed “Sweatpea”.

    1. noneofurbusiness

      yes cause RETARD u said SWEATpea wrote it…you off your meds ? Does ya mom know your on the computer this late? i know the name of the broadcaster who you fucks pick on it sweetpea. Ya see when having a conversation u refer to the person as what you might know or think that person is.Like to me SWEETPEA will always be a bright star in the sky that makes the sun shine with her smile. U on the other hand is a lonely person who never has or ever will have a friend outside your moms basement . YOU NEVER HAVE OR WILL ever have sex unless ya pay for it or ur mom feels bad about having a retard for a kid gives u some. So junior …if ya going to troll…get better at it…hahahahaha he spelled word wrong….hahahaha he wrote sweatpea…..ya really not good at this and i would like to blame your mother and father for not raising a human being but for raising a piece of shit. Thanks Meatloaf’s Mom and Pop for having another retard we have to pay for….assholes

      1. Provider-of-Meatloaf

        You fucked up, you know you fucked up, everyone else knows you fucked up, but being the obese butterball that you are, you will never admit that you fucked up. What you will do is yell and scream and hope that covers up your fuck up.

        Enjoy your life, SweatPig.

  10. magic

    if para is hot i’d like to know on which dimension that is ? she a hot mess minus the hot

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