VaughnLive Down Again

I know it happens on a regular basis, but this time, it was down for hours. And of course, there was not a chance it could of been Mark’s lack of coding skills, no chance at all.


Mark Vaughn -  caching database server broke


So once again, Mark turns to geek terms in the hope nobody will understand what he’s talking about, and he can get away with taking the blame. Why would just a single database caching server being ‘difficult’ bring down the whole site/s?

Then he blames the server of having a ‘bad ram slot’ LOL. How many times do his servers have hardware failure? If it’s not ram failing, it’s the cpu’s, or a complete power failure blah blah blah.


Mark Vaughn -  caching database server broke1


See how he has a lot of people brainwashed by his geek talk and excuses? He’s actually convinced people to be grateful to HIM for allowing them to cast on his servers for free.

There are lots of sites out there that let you cast for ‘free’ and when i say free, i mean literally free. No fake ‘servers are at capacity’ pages popping up to try and interrupt your viewing unless you pay for the service.

And don’t be fooled by all this ‘we let you use our site for free, aren’t we good Christians’ bullshit either. Mark has openly admitted he doesn’t care about anybody only his family. He is only running the site to make money, not out of doing you a favour.


Mark Vaughn -  caching database server broke2


Mark Vaughn -  caching database server broke3


Although you can always rely on somebody to come in the conversation and turn it to some lulz.

Mark Vaughn -  caching database server broke4

Mark Vaughn -  caching database server broke5

Good old Vera 🙂

Even Mark and Scruff then decided to keep the lulz coming.

Mark Vaughn -  caching database server broke6

Mark Vaughn -  caching database server broke7

Next time he has ‘ram’ failure, maybe he should learn from the best and watch closely how to get the best out the servers memory.

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