Clips Of The Week 15/05/2016

This week we have lies, love, booze, and haircuts. Also, have we discovered the next Christopher While? And some delightful sex advice from my East End sex magnet.

Oh the joys of Social Casting 😉


Miss Scruffy: Our Server Hosts Are Dumb!

Mark Vaughn - caching database server broke8

Yeah, of course it did. Because i mean, Datacenter’s don’t have sophisticated fault detection tools do they… 🙂

Moniek: Your Stains Don’t Worry Me.

Sometimes, it’s best to have a mute button for Girlfriends that speak before they think, as poor Abstract found out.

Irelands Patriot Wakes Up A New Man.

Poor IP. he falls asleep with long hair, and wakes up with no hair.

IP's new haircut

IP's new haircut1

That’s what happens when you mix alcohol, friends, and a pair of Clippers to your evening 🙂

JimmyRizzo: I’ve Got Black Stools.


Cherrybreeze: How To Make Me Orgasm.

So now you know guys. You want to get Zoe wetter than the Atlantic and begging for more, here’s how:


IamSonchild Gets Banned From VL:

Sonchild banned

I missed the actual cast, but you can catch the video’s over at Scuttlebutts. I can’t believe they banned Anita just for that? The Vaughns must want to ban everybody they can before the site closes. How am i ever going to live without Queen Anita IV and her eccentric life?




Rizzo: MeNellie You B**tard.

Looks like the short lived truce between the pair is well and truly over.

Rizzo rages at MeNellie

Is Tattoo Man Vaughn’s Next Christopher While?

Tattoo's mans drink collection

Tattoo's mans drink collection1


“Cheers babies, drink up and fuck off, honk honk”

Cherrybreeze: Sperm Is One Of Your 5 A Day!

This is why i love this girl to bits 🙂

Miss Scruffy: MS Was Nice Till She Went To Scuttlebutts Corner.

MS was nice? When?

Mark Vaughn - caching database server broke10

Mark Vaughn - caching database server broke11

Mark Vaughn - caching database server broke12

Mark Vaughn - caching database server broke13

Mark Vaughn - caching database server broke14

Mark Vaughn - caching database server broke15

Mark Vaughn - caching database server broke16

Mark Vaughn - caching database server broke18

“sounds like your timing was terrible”

Quote of the Year.

Craigito1 Finds Love On

Glad he’s found somebody. Craig is on the Renegade Faith level. A real genuine, top lad. Hope it works out for you two.

Tell next time, take care, be safe, and most importantly, enjoy the lulz 🙂

John eyes_99-165_2nd_optimized





4 Thoughts to “Clips Of The Week 15/05/2016”

  1. how come you never have anything cool that happens? its all ways super lame irrelevant shit about people that nobody cares about. i mean you should proly just name this entire blog “my personal favorite trainwrecks that i cant stop watching never mind anything else that is going on and bad owners vaughn news” catchy name? idk but fitting.

  2. Rusty_Nail

    Vaughn is banning people on purpose for the slightest thing, it will give them a excuse when they finally shut it down, they can say no one really casts no more so its not making us any money, NO……. you banned people just to get rid of them.
    Good to see Craig is happy again and found someone.

  3. Anonymous

    I thought the comment; “Jacket it sounds like your timing was terrible” Was hilarious!

  4. Anonymous

    Bad timing is now a TOS offense at VL!

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