The Two Sides To Thundersnarf

After taking a short break, good old Snarfy returned to VL the other night for a late night gossip. One thing i noticed while watching, was his ability to talk sheer hypocrisy, then suddenly switch to having an intelligent discussion about our corrupt Politicians and World destruction.

The video starts off with Snarfy talking about his bestie, jStevieo, and a video he made on Youtube. Watch and listen as he play’s the moral high ground and claims he could NEVER do anything as nasty and cruel.



Quite ironic how he can declare such disgust at a man having his haircut on cam, when he repeatedly threatened to have a single Mother with young children ‘beaten up’ in her own home.

But ah, don’t forget, that was only a ‘joke’ and it was a year or so ago, so it doesn’t matter any more. But a video from 4 years ago, with NO threats, is still “disgusting”

But he’s not always a dick. Once he got off the subject of ‘vile trolls’ (cough) he showed that he can actually talk sense. He was spot on when he talks about corrupt Governments and how they would never ever inform anybody that there was a chance of a nuclear war starting. While they scurry off to their fully prepared bunkers, we would be left to go about our business until we suddenly ended up as ash. And it certainly would be the best way to go i suppose.

So lets hope Snarfy can stick to his ‘sensible’ discussions, and quit the ‘i am innocent of all accusations, it’s all lies that the blogs make up’ hypocritical bullshit.

It’s a lot better to watch Matthew 🙂










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8 Thoughts to “The Two Sides To Thundersnarf”

  1. alibaba

    baboultr you dirty little turish rat enjoy your little site ,one day it will put you in Prison

    1. Oh Snarfy. Why do you get so mad whenever you are recorded dude? As a gesture of goodwill, i’ll give you some good advice. 1) If you want to slaughter somebody in a conversation, and don’t want anybody else to hear, try a Skype call maybe? 2) Learn that recording somebody in a public place is not illegal, and you most certainly can’t go to jail for it. Sorry 🙂

      Oh, and just for the record, wasn’t Baboultr Tunisian or something? Pretty much sure he wasn’t Turkish anyway.

      Tally ho for now old bean 😉

      1. haha sorry I just seen this now, Damn thunder must be triggered at me. That’s correct Karl I’m Tunisian not Turkish but to give you credit you are close Thunder as the Tunisian flag and Turkish flag are similar in comparison.

        take a chill pill m8 😉

  2. Rusty Nail

    Why does he get so mad, does he not record or watch CCTV of people for a living,
    lightin up Matthew don’t take things so serious

  3. Penultimate Japery!

    To be honest, Thundersnarf does have a point. While Thundersnarf might have threatened to physically harm someone, it was basically all talk and no action. He never actually did harm anybody, while JSTevieO did. He beat up a Catholic bloke at a petrol station when he was still living in Northern Ireland. His family has a history of sectarian violence. His brother having served a prison sentence for violence against his fellow Catholic citizens (actually killing one individual) Good ole Stevie spent time in prison on the Isle of Wight (HM prison Parkhurst) for violent assault and eventually had to leave Northern Ireland and moved to The Netherlands, Assen, the capital of the province of Drenthe. The bloke in the video, Louis, commited suicide 3 weeks after the video got published on the internet. You can clearly see him mocking, what in all honesty, looks like a troubled individual with Tourettes.

  4. MunterSnarf

    Oh dear, the cockhead is back, the cunt who threatens single mothers with violence and the guy who would type as a guest in his own room. Another lil tidbit is that back on Blogtv days said “I’d love to bash her head in” about Dollparts while doing a crushing motion with his fists. It seems little Snarfyboots has a hatred toward women in particular.

    The best thing he can do it shut his mouth or he can continue on acting like a tool and have his personal life fucked with.

  5. You’ll be glad to know that I’m now 42, unemployed, but claiming disability allowance while living in my parent’s outhouse and recently lost my virginity by finally paying for it.

    I’ve literally lived more lifetimes online in two decades (and a bit) than most people do their entire life. This past week was pretty cool, too, as my mom gave me her netflix password and I’ve managed to binge-watch most of the shows on there ever.

    My diet is mainly onion rings, which seems to manifest in my sweat, but honestly, I’ve probably masturbated all my pheromones away, so what does it matter?

    1. Provider-of-Meatloaf

      Congratulations, you now have a resume that qualifies you to be an admin on VaughnLive.std.

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