Rizzo And ElectroJed Talk Blogs

The following video was taken last night from Rizzo’s new channel on Vapers.tv. Now i can’t speak for Scuttlebutts blog, but i can confirm that Jimmy has got it wrong regarding the David Hedley story.





Just to clear this up regarding the DH story. The post Jimmy was talking about was on here, and not Scuttlebuttscorner as Rizzo stated, or at least, that’s my understanding.

The post did not claim that it was Rizzo’s son, in fact if anything, it was the opposite. It was a claim made in the chat and we posted a video of Rizzo’s response. Although Rizzo appeared to be rather rattled by the accusation, we still claimed that until there is hard evidence, it was to be treated as just a rumour.

Now, the reason you can’t see the post any longer is because it’s no longer indexed. The post hasn’t been taken down, despite what Rizzo may have been told, it is still there, just no longer indexed until if/when a time comes that any proof maybe submitted.

The reason for this? Simply because Rizzo himself, emailed us here, and politely asked us to remove it, so we did. It had nothing to do with Mark Gronan, or BillyBobCesspool. Yes, Mark made a little Youtube rant video declaring ‘we owe Rizzo an apology’ but i can 100% confirm that Marks request had zero affect on our decision.

Neither did Billy ask/take part in the decision to no longer index the post. Billy blogs for Scuttlebuttscorner, so knows that we would certainly never ask any blog to remove posts, and would certainly not remove any posts from here unless requested by the individual directly involved. So hopefully, that clears that up.

As for the nipple slip story that Jed claims is a Photoshop, only the person who made the post knows if that is true or not, so i can’t comment really.

But what i did find amusing, was after all the ranting about Blogs posting things they don’t like, Jed then turns around and claims that ‘having a difference of opinion and discussing it is what mature adults do’ hmmm, isn’t that just what Blogs do?






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4 Thoughts to “Rizzo And ElectroJed Talk Blogs”

  1. William Poole

    Rizzo’s brain is so muddled he can’t even keep his story straight.

  2. shadowjihad

    Mr Davis,
    Witchypoo is the man in the middle ,the bald creepy man ,he pretends to be a women listen to the voices and nasal accents,i have researched both voices its the same person ,beware of that witchy,it is involved with many hidden agendas,it uses two accounts ,witchwarrior is dominating and controling more and more channels ,keep up the good work.

  3. Mark&LynnsLovechild

    If Jed wasn’t bitching about the blogs he would be finding another caster to bitch about. The smelly, overgrown e-begging cunt just cannot shut his fat mouth for one minute.

  4. Anonymous

    The hell is Rizzo doing on vapers? pmsl he chain smokes roll ups

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