5 Things That Prove The Vapers Hack Was Fake

The signs of a desperate man are when they resort to embarrassing actions in a bid to save what little is left. First we had the ‘pretend hack’ on Hardwood’s cast (facepalm) and now, the stark raving lunatic that is known as Mark Vaughn, tries the same trick again, only this time, tries to blame it on Anonymous

Ok, first off, for those that missed it, here’s the video of the ‘hack’ as posted on Liveleak


Ok, let’s get straight to the 5 things that don’t add up here:

Let’s just humour him for a second, and take it as Anonymous have hacked him.

1) When Anonymous attack a site, they don’t usually just change a background image and post a few lines of spam in the chat. The whole point of ‘hacking’ a site is to either a) take the database and all other information that could be used for political or monetary gain, or b) dump all database and usernames/passwords/emails etc in Pastebin and deface the site, just for the lulz. Change a channel background and spam a few ‘unusual’ sentences without even taking over the actual cast? Anonymous?… really? I think not 😉

2) Scruff, having lived a sheltered life, and with age creeping up on her, is the weak link in all these hoax drama’s. Just as she fucked up the ‘Hardwood hack’ by banning Lardo, Billy etc, only then to spurt out “ok, i just got the IM” then suddenly unban them, then even Mod them (lmfao)… here, she blows the whole thing once again, just by her reaction. Scruff’s ego thrives on being in control, having that feeling of complete power over people is what keeps her going. But watch her response in the video. I’ve seen her get more concerned over where her hedgehog has shit (no sexual innuendo intended) than she did after her site was allegedly hacked.

3) The ‘password reset testing’ bollox. Ok, for those that have watched Mark over the years, you will have probably heard him mention about ‘testing’ new features he’s planning for his sites. He has always said, that he has a clone of the sites on another system in his studio, where he tests things before he implements them on VL/Vapers etc. You only have to think back to when Scruff was boasting about how good the new ‘look’ was for VaughnLive, weeks before Mark changed the layout to how VL is now. So if he has a clone, for testing purposes, why would he test the forgot password function on the real site? The answer, he wouldn’t!

4) Sticking with the password theory. You own a site, and you want to check a feature is working. Ok, lets just give him the benefit of the doubt. To test a password function, why didn’t he use one of his numerous ‘test’ accounts that he’s always bragging about in Bubba’s and GG’s casts? It would have the same effect as using his REAL account.

5) And finally, lets go back to what Matt (ex staff) told everybody a long time ago. Apparently Mark, as 99.999% of server owners do, blocks all access to his log in unless it comes from his specific IP range. This is common practice, so that unless the IP matches, you might as well go and sing Sweet Caroline while thinking of GG’s chafing odours.

So, was it fake?


Sorry guys, but Mark is desperate, real desperate, so expect some even more ludicrous ideas on how to save what traffic is left, and salvage his claim to fame.













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10 Thoughts to “5 Things That Prove The Vapers Hack Was Fake”

  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous can be anyone its a collective. It was the vapers that did it and they use the name anonymous. This is the dumbest post i’ve ever seen on a blog.

    1. Onthesituation


      I bet all the money I own that a remark being made by anonymous has got to be Ryan!

      Only an arse would make an statement like that, if anonymous or any other hacking collective were to strike Vaughanlive Iam 100% sure that it would be the servers,data,passwords hacked or doss’ed, and not have a crummy change of background changed.

      Maybe food for thought Karl, someone should let the anon lot know what’s going on, Iam sure that they would not like their names being used in vain!!

      1. I agree. To have got his password, means they could control the cast completely. Why not hijack his cast with some of the usual Anonymous propaganda video’s, or at least deface the whole site.

        None of it adds up. How would their IP address be added to the authentication to allow them to login as Mark, unless it was added by Mark himself?

        And what was that message they spammed? That’s not the usual Anon quote they use.

        I think i might just have to go visit the IRC chat’s later and see if they REALLY are claiming it was them.

        I will be very surprised if it was 😉

      2. Anonymous

        Are you retarded? Anyone can use the name anonymous, you could hack anything you want under the name anonymous. And it would be your choice of what kind of hack you did on your skills.

      3. Not ryan

        Anyone can use the name anonymous. You could spam facebook groups and use the name anonymous. It isn’t a group it is anyone. And ryan who?

  2. Onthesituation

    I forgot to add too, that mark and scruffy have single handedly destroyed the experience of the Vaughn community in the ways they meddle with casters with all the bullshit they deal out.

    Vaughn was meant to be an utopia created years back for all that left jtv (after mark had an hissyfit with siebel and kan) now it’s just an asylum being run by the inmates!!!


    It wasnt the vapers. I think it was gamercunt, Mark gave his girlfriend the password, she spammed and changed it, notice how she wasnt typing? She was busy doing this to make the vapers look bad, my opinion. She did it in hardwoods she did it again here.

  4. Provider-of-Meatloaf

    Karl, by all means let Anonymous know what is up. They might actually pay Mark a visit “for realz” and then true hilarity would ensue.

  5. Anonymous is anyone!
    And it was real —> http://imgur.com/xTGjFPy

    Mark Vaughan
    411 Malibu Canyon Drive
    Columbia, Tennessee 38401

    Birthday 1984-08-08

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