Mark And GG – One Video Says It All

There’s not much to add to this, apart from Strawberryfields explains it to perfection, on how Mark’s lust for GG is killing




Want an Internet business destroyed? Contact GG for a free quote and admire the speed at which she can kill any site going. Competitive rates and a job done to satisfaction, or your money back (if you’re lucky)






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4 Thoughts to “Mark And GG – One Video Says It All”

  1. Anonymous

    GG used to be cool. I think she mistook bubba’s popularity for her own. She was bubba’s bottom bitch (even reddnicole wasn’t a mod for a long time), and thought she was popular and powerful, too.

    Too bad she doesn’t have bubba’s intelligence or sense of humor. She’s just a fuck up.

    GG doesn’t get enough attention from her loser husband, so she gobbles up what she can from Vaughn. Sad Jersey trash.

    1. Anonymous

      I’m not sure it’s her husband that is the loser, he goes out to work so she says she doesn’t have to. Probably more like no-one would employ that skank unless they were desperate and wanted a fat smelly piece of ass.

      Mark seems to like the lard although tbf Kitten wasnt that fat but again she believed in her own hype that all guys fancied and wanted her, GG is the same but Kitten at least had a personality of sorts, GG has nothing going for her at all.

  2. Anonymous

    Jersey Cabbage

  3. Disgusted Vaper

    I think mark thinks hes going to get some ass by letting this low bottom trash do what shes been doing . Shes not right in the head she has mental issues for sure and Mark is a sorry ass excuse for a man allowing this to go on ,i dont believe a word he says he has lied to many times .

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