SexyChris: On Da Eviction (Again)

According to MeNellie, poor old Christopher is being kicked out for the 2nd time. Not surprising when you see how he lives, but the question is, where can he go now lol?





Can’t confirm it, but it would make sense, as he has definitely painted his walls a lighter colour.

So with that said, who’s going to be the first to get Chris to Doxx his new place?

It shouldn’t be too hard 😉 Oh the fun starts all over again.







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2 Thoughts to “SexyChris: On Da Eviction (Again)”

  1. lipalert

    only chris could get evicted from a place where “anything goes”… personally though i don’t think he’s been evicted i remember him saying he was being moved to another area in a few months anyway so that’s most probably what is happening…

  2. Anonymous

    From what I know Chris has not been evicted, he went to his grandmothers funeral the other day then went to stay with his mom. They threatened him if he didn’t clean his apt and get rid of the marker crap on his wall they would evict him. Thus he painted his walls

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