The Battle Of Two Nutcases

Some say that VaughnLive is just a basket of nutcases, which i think is harsh. There are a few level headed, really nice people who cast there. But yes, you would have to agree, that in general, it’s like watching a Psychiatric Documentary.

So when the Woman who developed, and self cured her Cancer in the space of 72 hours, decided to take on Canada’s ultimate paranoid schizophrenic, it was never going to be one of those ‘ah, that makes sense’ disputes.


This was literally a case of ‘mad’ v ‘madder’

All that was missing was Sonchild Queen Anita IV to pop in and change the subject to “how the illuminati force fed my pet wasp crack cocaine in order to enhance Global Warming” and it would of been a weed smokers paradise.



VaughnLive – bringing you tomorrows special ones today!!!













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2 Thoughts to “The Battle Of Two Nutcases”

  1. Anonymous

    Lol at niclrc saying Karen is nothing but drama when she is the one who loves causing shit and making herself the centre of everything. She is a nasty vile piece of work who will do or say anything to get sympathy whether it is lying about having cancer or claiming her BF abuses her. She is another one who thinks the world revolves around her.

  2. me

    lol at the site owner’s response chriskingofvaughnlive is not sexy chris (giggle)

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