IP Interviews Von Helton On Google Hangouts

It’s been fairly documented that Von Helton was back broadcasting, only this time opting to use Google instead of Mark’s unreliable sites. So with no breakup, no servers crashing, and definitely NO servers at capacity to interrupt the cast, watch and enjoy as the good man IP talks to VH about fake deaths, conspiracies, and of course, the latest developments in the controversial love life between VH and his on/off partner.

Get the popcorn and beers ready 😉




Oh how i have missed casts like this. Not since the day’s of Adambro, have i laughed so much. Well done to IP for keeping it going, and fair play to VH for not throwing a tantrum.

Interview Two soon???











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6 Thoughts to “IP Interviews Von Helton On Google Hangouts”

  1. IPcrybaby

    Ireland patriots video of him crying after mummy told him off was more entertaining, IP always voids that topic he is so butt hurt waaaa cry baby

  2. IPcrybaby

    Ireland Patriots crying on video is more entertaining that was hilerous after mummy told him off he broke down in tears

  3. IamSonchild196

    Von Helton like myself disappeared from our original timelines. We both time travellers or aka Dimensional Travellers.

  4. IamSonchild196

    Now we need to find out where Richey James Edwards from Manic Street Preachers and gorilla199 time travelled to or Dimensional Travelled to.

  5. toof hunter

    get the lawn done antita x 🙂

  6. Lewis Iffer

    Did IP say VH was travelling the US doing the “Punisher”?! So VH was screwing the Punisher or was just make believing he was in the movie OR was acting like the Punisher w/vigilante justice? Yeah they all seem plausible….Catch the sarcasm in my writing,lol?!

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