GamerGirl Attacks Fat People (LOL)

I can’t decide if GG is just dumb as shit, or a good troll? Last night, the delightful Orangutan from New Jersey thought it would be fun to attack Jen Reynolds, also Mackattack.

Fair play you would think, if she has a problem with somebody, then it’s her right to express her feelings towards them.

The only problem being, is GG is calling them both “fat fucks”

Now looking at GG’s hands, and the fat creases on her neck, it’s sort of like Coffeetime calling another caster a short arse little shit.


Now had she called Jen a scammer, then that’s different. But when you look like somebody has inflated you like a bouncy castle, it’s embarrassing to call Jen, or anybody else for that matter, a “fat arse”










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6 Thoughts to “GamerGirl Attacks Fat People (LOL)”

  1. WhatAPackOfCunts

    What a thoroughly unlikeable twat she is. I wish that group of retards would just fucking die already.

  2. Diet Pill

    She does look like she has a inflatable Sumo suit on that Pic.
    She’s just a mouthy trouble causing Oompa Loompa

  3. Anonymous

    GG goes into a room and thinks its her right to take over and ban any female. She is so jealous of any woman who comes into a cast. It is so fucking funny that that piece of fat lard calls others fat when she is around 300 lbs or more herself. I dont understand why Scruffy continues to let this pile of shit ruin the site. Mark we all know wants to get into that smelly ass and will let her do what she wants. Sad losers all of them.

  4. muppet

    FYI: She was talking about gem mint NOT Jen, but either way GG is a nasty vicious toxic cancer and so is Hardwood. I don’t know wtf she thinks she is. A fuckin whale with a loud nasty mouth is all I see. She doesnt have ONE SINGLE nice thing about her. NOTHING. She literally is scum.

  5. lipalert

    GG shout and say “fuckin” more while we all laugh at you. Mark you need to lose that chubby you have for her, you are not her boyfriend and never will be. Your sites are going to shit.

  6. rob

    Sounds like someone Is on their period also she is an low life shes no better herself has she thinks she does probably another low life airhead.

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