Clips Of The Week With SexyChris

The self proclaimed King of social casting, Mr While, provided us with his weekly review, courtesy of his YouTube channel.




Ok, here’s our response to a couple of points made by Christopher.

1) We DO take down video’s and posts we have made, if, the request is made by the individual concerned, and the request is made in a reasonable way. So for us to complete such requests, without wanting to sound like Mark Vaughn or Scruff here, Angel would need to contact us and ask for the items to be removed.

2) DDoS’ing is illegal. So boasting on a site like YouTube that you are going to DDoS a Website could potentially lead to you losing your YT channel. Also there is the possibility of Police involvement. Luckily for Chris, we just LOL at such threats 🙂

3) Add the fact that UKM runs through 3 different layers of protection, there is more chance of AngelStormee’s tits looking pert and sexy, than there is of Chris DDoS’ing us and bringing the site down 😉

4) Where are the computers and hard drives that the Police seized?

5) What exactly were you reviewing from the last week?

6) It doesn’t take a genius to work out that the only bloke who a) has the money and b) is still daft enough to send Chris money, is Brian6

7) Yes, you do need to come back casting.


In other news,

Mark Vaughn: Has Never Been Busier

Vapers is busier than ever

Vapers has 1 caster

That’s right Mark. I’m sure Vapers has never had a maximum of 4 people on the whole site lol.

Johnny Cardinal: I’ve Sussed How To Pull Women

Johnny Cardinals Love tips

Johnny Cardinals Love tips1

Johnny Cardinals Love tips2

I’ll bear that in mind mate 😉

MissLiquidCrystals: Can You Spot It?

Now this maybe just me and my sick mind, but does anybody else see something very naughty looking when you first glance over the following picture?

MissLiquidCrystalSkies bedroom


Krissy Returns To Ivlog:

Could this be a sign that the UK Invasion maybe plotting a return?

Dicky’s (NorthernMonkey) e-girlfriend, it’s Krissy, was back broadcasting this week, and here is how the crapchat saw it.


The profile Picture:

Krissy - fat lol

The Reality:



I don’t know what’s worse, the fact she uses a totally different profile picture to what you actually see, or the fact Dicky is still e-dating it LOL

Dicky still dating fatso

And Finally…

Mark Vaughn See’s The Financial Effect Of GG:

Mark Vaughn looking strange

Till next week, take care, be safe, and always remember, there really is somebody worse off than you ;-

John eyes_99-165_2nd_optimized

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  1. toof hunter

    ref; “Happy Sunday” sexychris! is it me, or does he sound like a few teeth have gone? listen to his voice.

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