Amy100: The Skype Tapes Revealed

First we had the leaked AngelStormee video, now, courtesy of SexyChris and his obsession with sharing home made porn videos, we have the Amy100 Skype sex release.

* Warning: Contains Content Not Suitable For Under 18’s.



Letting Chris Skype you these days is like auditioning for an adult movie.



Beware girls.

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30 Thoughts to “Amy100: The Skype Tapes Revealed”

  1. sandraseal

    where is the sound.

  2. brian6

    I am deeply in love with christopher we are a couple now.

  3. Anonymous

    Chris is a serial offender, he’ll lie to anyone then record them even someone he claims to be friends with. In fact, Chris has no friends, his retardation renders him incapable of the emotion

  4. Anonymous

    Next is Ruby’s video and Brian’s sex video

    1. Anonymous

      can’t wait. I’m sure tasha is on the databank too.

  5. cheesey63

    You gotta be fucking insane to trust this slimebag over skype not to record you. Stupid bitch!

  6. Anonymous

    Sex tapes lol Chris must be easily pleased is all i can say. On the serious side why the hell are these stupid women letting him record them, he shows it to everyone and still they come back for more just shows how desperate Angel and Amy are for attention of any sort.

    I hate Shitty with a passion because of all the shit he has done but these women (I use the word woman loosely in more ways than one) are old enough to know better, they know what he is like so sorry they only have themselves to blame.

  7. Anonymous

    The cat fight between MS and Cherrybreeze was more entertaining than this. MS up to her old ways claiming she is queen bee and will go after anyone who dares criticise her.

  8. SorryCharlie

    Jesus H CHrist. I just puked in every room of my house.

  9. Anonymous

    And naturally Chris will blame other people than himself.

  10. Anonymous

    This all happened a few weeks back

  11. Anonymous

    Thank you for recording this christopher and sharing it your skills in recording angel and amy is of the best well done.

  12. Angelraginganus

    Ironically christopher sent in the video of him and angel, he learned nothing and a week later is recording amy shitty is a complete asshole

  13. rizzo

    Neh Neh Neh Neh

  14. Anonymous

    oh so this is where all the traffic went, scuttlebutt must be pretty upset

  15. That confirms it. She really is daft than she looks.

  16. Onthesituation

    Oh I lmfao seeing this, although I saw this a few weeks back 😉

  17. rizzo

    Onthesituation aka brian6 fuck off back to chris

    1. Onthesituation

      Jizzo, if that is really you i am deeply offended that you think i am Brian,sup your stella’s lad and stfu 🙂

  18. Anonymous

    Brian6 will be next all that money he sends Chris all those presents will mean nothing. You to Brian will be onda sex tapes soon

  19. brandonmcvicar

    let be honest sexychriswhile might smell like the sewer filled streets of karachi ,he may not be the most debonair and ravishing man ever,but he certainly has had swarms of female adoreres ,flanting their fruits to delight prince chris ,hes certainly had more romance and internet /skype masterbation than ryderbak,billybob and his mongral gang incl all of scuttlebutt group of viictous fans,say what you will sexychris has outwited,outguned,outsexed,outbegged,outscammed and ejaculted more than all of us combined …actually im starting to admire him

    1. Anonymous

      You have to admit though all the women are butt ugly and desperate for someone to show some interest in them and even they have needs that a seedy ugly smelly piece of shit like Chris seems to fulfil. Nothing to admire or be jealous about here so move along

  20. Anonymous

    brian6 is a pedophile just like his pal Chris. Chris and Brian exchange child porn on a regular basis.

  21. LORA


  22. rizzo

    it is not the catch of the century, having angel or amy lust after you there both are a perfect reflection of chris ” VILE “

  23. irizzoBathBoyKen

    next will be the jimmy´´horny james´´rizzo secret stickham cyber sex jimmy boy has been having his finger in the cherry pie a long ,long while,yes DJ Rizzo is pointing his lettuce finger at chris ,while he himself is deeply involved in intimate,steamy,lustful online activity …lets not diverted from the true master of vile grubby sexual deviants like jimmy and menellie

  24. rizzo

    amazing how mark gronan never went after nellie for what he said which was 10 times worse than what chris said.

  25. All i want confirming is, @ about the 35 second mark, are those black knickers, or has Amy got a 1970’s bush?

  26. Onthesituation

    Karl, that is indeed Amy’s 3rd cat you can see which is german, she calls it “Her Growler” ;D

    1. Anonymous

      It’s really none of your business how many cats she has.

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