Clips Of The Week Ending 12-06-2016

IRC is here apparently. That is if you believe Mark… Brii explains the acne scars, Canada’s craziest celebrate, and SexyChris’ latest Lifehack is published, showing us how to get 5 keys from an apple.

Welcome to Social Casting.


SexyChris: My Bargain Keyboard.

Only Chris lol….

Chris buys 5 keys for a keyboard

Mark Vaughn: 3 Years late – IRC Chat Is Nearly Ready.

Mark Vaughn - IRC Chat

How long before it crashes all his sites?

Jen Reynolds F*ck Buddy?


Jen Reynolds - my neighbour needs a ride

Brii: My Freckles.

Another corker from Brii….

Bri's acne scars

Bri's acne scars pt 2

Vaughn Staff Show Their Class:

Daryl slags AppleCandyFruity

MontrealKaren’s Birthday Cast:

It was MontrealKaren’s Birthday this week, and she provided us with 2 surprises. One she went on cam. And two, she was wasn’t having a psychotic rant.

So with the Lager flowing, all her friends in her room, and the music blasting, you get the feeling this is going to be one big rave!

Well, there was Lager, oh, and music…

Question Of The Week – Double Q’s.

This is a Double question of the Week as we get the thought provoking questions from Theresa (aka MichelleStacy) and Zoe, Cherrybreeze.

Well done to those of you who answered correctly.

There was a couple more, but the last week or so has been a pain, literally.

So till next time, take care, be safe, and always remember, there really is somebody worse off than you 😉

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2 Thoughts to “Clips Of The Week Ending 12-06-2016”

  1. chucky

    Brii has scars from previous acne. That mess isn’t freckles.

  2. Rusty Nail

    Haha at Chris, wonder if he sent the keys back.
    As for Question of the week, the majority of people.

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