Zelda Joins The Nip Slip Club

What’s good for Cherrybreeze, Amy100, Paradice, Trip To Mars, Veronika, and many more, is good enough for Zelda.

After the sad ending of ‘Likda’ , it was Zelda’s turn to hit the booze, get the music on, and join the elite group of Vaughn Ladies in presenting us with the ‘here’s my tit‘ routine.

Full Credit To Willyscots For The Video:



I’ll tell you what though, she’s got a stunning body. Liklik, what are you doing ????








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7 Thoughts to “Zelda Joins The Nip Slip Club”

  1. chucky

    She can better than liklik, someone who wouldn’t embarrass her in public a guy who doesn’t lives like a pig.

  2. Anonymous

    Paradice nip slip? Where can I find that? lol

  3. Anonymous

    The body may be ok but a paper bag is needed for the face

  4. Anonymous


    1. Anonymous

      it seems if you show tits some men automatically say you have a good body. I suppose all they are looking at is the tit/nipple nothing else.

      Zeldas sensual omfg you have led a very sheltered life if you think that is sensual.

  5. Anonymous

    Zelda is pretty sensual

    1. Provider-of-Meatloaf

      If you define “sensual” as a bulldog licking piss off a nettle, then yes.

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