Oh Dear Oh Dear

As some of the regulars may have noticed, i haven’t been around much at all the last few days, due to my health being about as good as SexyChris’ hygiene skills.

So back from Hospital i get in the early hours, to notice an email pop up from Youtube on my phone. Oh here we go again i thought, bloody Chris been whinging about something lol.

But when i watched the video’s that have been flagged, something tells me this wasn’t Chris doing the big girls blouse act this time.

Read the email, then watch the 2 clips, and see what you think 😉


Youtube - Privacy complaint



Apart from the fake address Mark Gronan claims he sent a Pizza to (LOL) then where the fuck is there any Privacy ToS?

But what there is, is Mark and Nathan not being able to stop people in the chat from expressing their views. And we all know how much they hate that 😉

So, just who is the cry baby responsible for the flagging?

Chris: Highly doubt it, when there are dozens of other vids on there he could of flagged.

Nathan: Highly possible. This is a guy who can give out abuse, but cry’s like a little bitch if anybody responds back, and often begs the channel owner to ban them.

Mark: Surely not 😉 A guy who’s spent most of his Internet life harassing people to the extreme, wouldn’t get all butthurt over some people calling him a Paedophile? A guy who allegedly hounded another person to their death, and has openly admitted both on here and YouTube that he won’t leave Chris alone till “he’s killed himself” wouldn’t cry over someone trolling him would he? A guy who Doxxed himself by registering a Domain name to troll Von Helton with, and forgetting to set his contact details to private lol, wouldn’t be that sensitive would he? Surely not!

Whoever it was, i have replied to YouTube and asked them to clarify who’s Privacy has been exploited and will wait for the reply. Should they do as they usually do, and just simply claim it’s there without even looking, then i will remove them from YouTube, and put them straight back up on another host.











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12 Thoughts to “Oh Dear Oh Dear”

  1. Master of Muppets

    it was Shawnio

  2. Dunno, if I wanted them gone I would have asked.

  3. Rusty's_Twin

    When people give it out, and cry so loud when its given back, they probably a bigger bottom lip than Chris right now, Hope you are Ok Karl and everything is good with your health.

  4. Anonymous

    karl you big pussy. great briton seceded from the rest of the world. you don’t have to take demands from those foreigners. tell them to lick your chamber pot and continue to post King Chris videos!

  5. Anon

    Nathan & Mark are repugnant. They intimidate, tease and torment people. Bullies. Period. I do hope you are well Mr Karl and thanks for the chance to comment! 😀

  6. Anonymous

    it was mrs roper

    1. IP

      She flagged down my videos and had one removed so she is a known flaggot

      1. Provider-of-Meatloaf

        And yet at no point has she wept on camera because her mommie yelled at her.

        1. IP

          No one has that i am aware of. But ease up on the meatloaf roper.

          1. Provider-of-Meatloaf

            Not even close, Skinny.


            Make yourself aware.

  7. Dr. Phil

    In the 1st video is chris scooping up soup from the floor that was spilled over? ewww

  8. gimpmaster

    Hilarious to see Gronan bitch about trolls and wanting the guest chat off, lulz.

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