Mark Vaughn: Bloggers Should Be Jailed

If i’m being honest, i now see Mark as the new Adambro, except Adambro doesn’t try and take your money.

He’s gone from annoying me with his arrogance, his complete disregard for anybody’s welfare apart from his own, and his lies, to making me spit out my morning coffee with laughter when reading his latest comments.

And just to give a sample of how deranged he has become, check this corker of a lulzfest from the 20th June.


Mark Vaughn talks harassment


Ok, sounds reasonable if somebody is harassing somebody else on a regular basis.

Then he comes out with this….good God!

Mark Vaughn talks harassment1

Just in case some of the readers are newbies, Mark calls Blogs the ‘Sociopath Diaries’ 

So ok, lets break this down.

Criminal Harassment: Define criminal harassment for us Mark! Maybe he means recording people on a PUBLIC cam site?

Maybe he’s talking about researching into casters criminal history?

Or maybe he’s talking about Doxxing. Oh wait, that can’t be it, he has said numerous times that giving out full names is not classed as Doxxing on his sites. You will also find, with a bit of research, that Doxxing, even giving out a persons full information is not illegal, unless it is done to encourage violence or threats of violence, or harm or distress to the person(s) involved.

So no, none of the above is classed as criminal harassment.

Going After Families: This is one i don’t agree with myself. Although apart from maybe the odd pizza or taxi called to them, have there been any families of casters that have been targeted?

Trying To Get People Fired: This is a strange accusation, even for Mark. Unless you are being extremely racist, or making threats of violence to people when on cam, how else exactly can somebody get you sacked from your job?

What are they going to do? Phone your boss and say “hi there, you know that Joe Bloggs that works for your company? well he’s on VaughnLive right now playing music and having a couple of beers after a hard days work”

That’s really going to get you fired!

Then again, you could do a Joe Walsh and yell some vile racist rants at people, and i suppose your boss might not like you representing his/her company, and then fire you.

But who’s fault is that, the Bloggers, or the culprit?

Trying To Get People Arrested:

As above ^^^^^

No Police force is going to come and arrest you unless you are breaking the Law.

Spreading Incredibly False Information:

Where? From what i have seen on other Blogs, and certainly here, all posts are backed up with either video or screencaps of the claims.

So just how can a recorded video be spreading false information? The camera never lies remember.

Screencaps are a different matter. Yes, they can be Photoshoped and edited, but if you look closely, you can nearly always tell if it’s been tampered with or not.

We Just Report What We See:

Well yes, we do just that. What i think Mark’s getting at here, is us Bloggers reporting things he doesn’t want reporting.

You know, things like how he takes VIP’s money under false pretences.  How he tells you that by purchasing VIP you will get all these extra’s, that you still don’t get, months after he published them.

Is that not Fraud Mark?

Fraud page

The two points underlined could well be applied to the Vaughnsoft VIP shambles. No IRC, no Vaughn cams, no extended archive.

Both ‘receiving goods late’ and ‘less valuable than those advertised or significantly different from the original description’ could apply to VIP. Why didn’t Mark simply wait until he had coded all the advertised extra’s before charging the monthly fee?

I think we pretty much know the answer to that 😉

Or maybe it’s the fact we also report how Mark claims to have added all these new servers, yet a simple click on debug throughout his sites seem to suggest it’s the same IP address’ as before?

Maybe, it’s the fact that we Bloggers won’t be silenced, that makes Mark want us jailed?

Whatever his reasons, the hard fact is, all Marks allegations are false. So no, we can’t be jailed, and no, we are not going to go away just because you go on some crazy paranoid mass IP banning spree lol.

As you are fond of telling people……

“maybe you should go and read websites where you feel more comfortable’

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29 Thoughts to “Mark Vaughn: Bloggers Should Be Jailed”

  1. #MarkVaughnsNewRims

    Mark does not give one single shit about users on his site being doxxed and or threatened, the only reason why he hates the blogs is because they call out his BULLSHIT, especially Ukmuppets because you know your shit about servers and the like.

    Mark, give it a rest. Your lies have caught up with you, the best thing you can do is admit you have been bullshiting and apologise or simply STFU.

    1. Sadly, i don’t think he will ever admit that anything is his fault. The latest excuse for VL fucking up again is a Flash update lol.

      If he is any kind of ‘coding monkey’ that he claims he is, then he would have all his shit set to auto update. I don’t code or programme at all, but even this site auto updates itself whenever a new version of PHP or MySQL is released.

      With other sites being ahead of him and the soon to be launched arriving, he’s panicking. He knows he hasn’t got the technical skills to compete, and unless he pays some real coders to help him out, VL and his other sites others are going to be left further and further behind.

      Such a shame eh 😉

  2. Herbel Tea

    hahahaha Mark wants a pity party. But what about a site cough cough, Vaughn that allows and promotes online bullying and harassment and lets certain people get away with it.
    I love the blogs the speak the truth.

  3. Asdfghjkl

    Mark is 100% correct – what you people do is harmful to others. If you could only see how many sleepless nights you are causing innocent people, the anguish, the fear, the crying, etc – or then again, maybe if you saw that you wouldn’t feel bad you would instead feel proud of yourself for accomplishing such things….

    1. Anonymous

      Ryan stfu and for once just do what you always threaten and say you will do and that is never come here again. Do you feel proud of yourself for constantly harassing people on this site, innocent people like me, i cant sleep at night now through fear that you will be lurking here and spouting your crap.

    2. Smokey

      Sleepless nights? anguish? fear? LMAO what the hell is anyone like that doing on social web sites to begin with? You just described a crazy person.

    3. Provider-of-Meatloaf

      Today’s accomplishments:
      1) I made Ryan cry
      2) I made Ryan get scared
      3) I caused Ryan anguish
      4) I made Ryan lose sleep
      5) I fed Ryan’s body to the dingoes
      Yes, this has been a good day; I am very proud of myself.

  4. Anonymous

    I think he was talking about people wanting Daryl fired. I love Mark’s response to Daryl upping GG and Bubba’s viewer counts, banning ips (temporarily) , etc. Mark said Daryl didn’t do those things because they aren’t part of his job description. Lololol

    1. He’s insane. Remember a while back when he claimed that Daryl didn’t ban anybody and Daryl couldn’t see people’s IP’s, even though all the blogs had screencaps of him doing just that lol?

  5. louturks

    This is really so ridiculous of Mark to say, what a wack job

  6. Anonymous

    If online harassment becomes a crime he will be the first one prosecuted.

  7. lag ghoster

    vaughnlive is laggin all the time now. and the chat wheel’s are a spinnin. huh

  8. Anonymous

    Mark is a lunatic on an ego trip. If it were up to him he would have the people that tell the truth and expose him placed in an electric chair as he flips the switch during a “town hall meeting”. Be an honest person and refund all VIP money because you have yet to provide the features you promised.

  9. Anonymous

    FYI to any and all dummies that paid for VIP, when Mark says “coming soon” he means 2-3 years from now. My case in point – I asked him more than 2 years a go, could we get an audible notification when one receives an IM, He replied Yes, “I am working on that” To me, that is a simple fix – has he completed/created that feature,.NO! While I am not “Code Monkey” as he claims to be. This simply illustrates his lies.

  10. Anonymous

    Mark is basically a scammer, just like Jen Reynolds,(which he also recruited and paid for her to come to his site(s)as she raked in more than 5,000 dollars! He wants you to pay him to remove the ads/malicious malware that he places on his sites!

  11. Anonymous

    Great Blog UK Muppets!

  12. Anonymous

    Mark, when you told me – “Fuck you” for no reason, and I had not cursed you nor taken a stance against you, you showed your true ignorance. Now make those funny eyebrows move around like the leach that you are, as Samuel Jackson says in Pulp Fiction , you will know my name. Coming for ya Fat Boy!

    1. Anonymous

      Seems scrubby and fay boy like telling people to fuck off for no reason they have said it to me countless times. If I dont like what they say or I disagree I tell them and for that I get banned, abused, called names etc etc. So much for a christian family lol. The sooner they disappear the better nasty pieces of work. Most of the casters left on the site are scammers, scrag morons, chaturbate wannabes (amazing how scrubby lets certain people strip, bare all yet bans others for showing just a hint of clevage). Maybe I will cast get my big boobs out and bounce around of course i will probably give myself a black eye then maybe i could claim damages lol. Sorry to the couple of decent casters they have left.

      1. Asdfghjkl

        This is insane. If you own a website, the pages on that domain belong to YOU – it’s just like your home. Would you allow someone to come into your home and do whatever they please? No, YOU set the rules inside your house for your family and guests. This is no different. There is no law saying that they HAVE to treat you a certain way if you don’t show them respect.

        1. Anonymous

          Ryan be a good aspergers boy and fuck off. They will get respect from me when they deserve it which by my reckoning will the 12th of never. The website is supposedly for the public to use, they extort money under false pretences which is a federal offence. ass licking them will do you no good whatsoever they will fuck you over like they do everyone unless you are a member of the scrag or an ugly fat fuck like gg.

          1. Asdfghjkl

            Your lack of respect shows in your words, and it’s no wonder they don’t like you. You can’t speak to someone who has an opposite point of view without throwing in some insults.

  13. anonemous

    Didnt scruffy and mark threaten to get Jackspartyroom fired from his job for casting with a picture of them fucking, or is my memory failing me………..

    1. Anonymous

      If he did good on him i am positive they do fuck each other they are so far up each others arses its not a healthy relationship at all. God help any woman who tries to take mark away from his mommy.

  14. Anonymous

    Ryan exactly like the vaughns do my point entirely. I never spoke badly to them but they hurled abuse so my motto became why the fuck should i let anyone talk to me like shit anymore and now i dont. Treat me with respect and you will get it back but anyone who arse licks the vaughns as much as you do deserves no respect whatsoever.

    Also Ryan pot, kettle, black comes to mind you attack people on here for no reason at all and if anyone dares say anything in a bad way at all about the vaughns you become abusive so dont come the high and mighty with an attitude that sucks like yours

  15. KARMA

    Hi i’m here for Mark Vaughn

    1. Anonymous

      lol that made me laugh ty

  16. Anonymous

    As far as Mark owning ANYTHING – I highly doubt it, all double mortage, Brii Making his car payments, and random fools paying for his Sasquatch pizzas! When Mark says “my Sites” what he really means is what I managed to rip off from others. Paying for server/site hosting is cheap you FOOL MV.

  17. Anonymous

    my favorite part of this blog is scuttlebutt telling Ryan that he is scared of him and that he keeps him up at night for fear someone might talk about him.

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