Clips Of The Week Ending 19-06-2016

It’s been a funny old week in cuckoo casting land. We’ve had some Serbian dancing, somebody wishing the Internet would disappear up his anus, a cat fight between a drunk and a chunk, and we discover just who saw Michelle Stacy coming when it comes to deal of the Century.


Lemony Vows To Murder IamSonchild:

Lemony threatens Sonchild

Lemony threatens Sonchild2

Probably a wise decision our Queen.

The Reality Sinks In For Mark Vaughn:

Mark Vaughn - i need a break from being an adult

A cynic might say that since his income has been hit by the new full, complete adblock from his VL adverts, also the fact that he hasn’t got a fucking clue how to compete with coders that work for other sites and can’t even code some Pro cams, that reality is taking it’s toll on poor Mark.

But not us of course.

Brii pays for 30 VIP’s LOL:

Brii spent £450 on VIP

*Screencap Courtesy Of Scuttlebutt’s Chat. Becomes A Free For All:

So is no longer just for Vapers, it’s also for smokers, dj’s, gamers…anybody else? Strippers maybe?

SexyChris: Stick The Internet Up Your Bum.

SexyChris - Stick internet up bum

Everybody bored off you?

Surely not?

Lardo Traded A Fish For A Laptop:

Lardo traded a fish for laptop

Lardo should become a Salesman, trust me 😉

Zelda Does The Serbian Jig:

Well that cleared the room quicker than a bad fart!

Cherrybreeze: Don’t Give Me No Wallpaper Paste Blud!

Droppin 100’s: I’ll Strangle You With Your Intestines.

Droppin 100's

Droppin 101's

Droppin 102's

Hey, whatever you get up to behind closed doors is nothing to do with me….

Rizzo Buys


And redirects it to

Rizzo Vapchat.net1

Umm, not quite sure i see the point in that…..

And finally…

Luv1 Joins The Tits Out Brigade:


I hope that is Luv1 lol?

So till next time, take care, be safe, and always remember, there really is somebody worse off than you 😉

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12 Thoughts to “Clips Of The Week Ending 19-06-2016”

  1. annawheeler

    dammit we need chris back. come back shitty

    1. It’s awful isn’t it. I’m that bored with what’s left of the Social Casting sites that i’m seriously considering moving on to other projects.

      There’s only so much watching people talk about what they are having for tea or how their Aunty Margaret is getting on that any man can take lol.

      1. Anonymous

        please bring chris back

  2. lipalert

    I agree Karl, and when chris does cast it’s just music and nothing much else… it’s like he has forgotten how to cast.. like a different person… guess those days are gone…

  3. Anonymous

    Lol its come to women getting their tits out to try and make their casts less boring but it isnt working only makes them look like desperate slappers which most are lets face it.

  4. Rusty_Nail

    I Agree Chris should come back casting and not let Angel and Dangerous Brian dictate to him at what time, the amount of people that used to watch him to what he has now watching is a big difference.
    Briii… all i can ask is WHY ?
    As for Mark Vaughn same shit different excuse.

    1. Haha, that’s what i miss. Casters who are bat shit crazy and make me laugh, or smile even. It’s that dire at the moment, i haven’t even looked at any casting sites today, what’s the point?

      I just hope this new Blogtv isn’t as strict as the current ones, or it’s game over imo.

      1. Anonymous

        one more 😀

  5. Anonymous

    Bet flipper can’t run fast enough away from luv1 lolz

    1. Mr_Flipper

      WTF? Leave me out of it…

  6. X8

    I’m shocked that junkie Droppin100s aka Temporaryforever is still alive!

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