Jenna’s A Gonna

It appears Jenna22 decided she’s had enough of trying to fleece OG Mike’s cash, so with her mission over, there was no need for her VL channel to exist any longer.

And as we all know, when people have had enough of VL, they do the normal thing of showing hardcore porn. I mean, that is normal isn’t it?


**Warning: Contains Nudity And Sexual Acts Not Suitable For Under 18yrs Old And Those Easily Offended:

To view the video, click on the show link below.



It was never going to rival SexyChris’ marathon performance though, even though Scruff and Mark were in bed. It was 4.30am at the Vaughn residence, so imagine the delight on Marks face when he gets woke up to a call telling him “some bitch is showing fucking porn on your website” LOL.




I find it strange that he says he needs to take 3 months off due to depression, then in the next breath, says he’s already building his version of YouTube?

Couldn’t be that he’s given up on VL due to him not being able to produce any of the goods he promised for VIP’s could it?

We know 100% that he was trying out some guys video player code recently and he couldn’t get that to work. Still no IRC either. In fact, nothing at all.

Just seems strange how he’s too ‘ill’ to work on Vaughn for 3 months, but is apparently well enough to work on his YouTube copy?

I may be wrong of course, but my hunch here is, there never will be any HTML5 version of VL. Neither will there ever be an IRC chat for VIP’s. In fact, i have this feeling he’s giving up on VL completely and will be spending all his time desperately trying to build his ‘VaughnTube’

Only time will tell.














Wish there was a way to stop ukmuppets




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2 Thoughts to “Jenna’s A Gonna”

  1. 666666

    Everyone knew Jenna was catfishing Mike. She never showed who she was ok fair enough not wanting to show yourself on VL but ffs Mike never even saw her.

    Now any guy I am a 27 year old blonde with long long legs and boobs to die for my paypal is [email protected],com. Please give generously I can be a great fake person really i can lol

  2. Provider-of-Meatloaf

    I just love that Marky McGout is trash talking Ivlog.

    Marky, the obese programming genius who has proudly proclaimed that he is not a professional, is talking shit about about his competitors in the belief that…..

    Well, who knows why Gout Boy does anything? Maybe his fellow Blimp-American, Ryan Troll-Fi can come along and explain the inner workings of the morass that is the mind of Captain Coder.

    Tick tock, Marky. Time is running out. Enjoy talking to Johnny Cardinal’s mom. She is almost as huge as you are. Maybe you two can go out one night and pillage a Cheetos plant or something.

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