Monkeysniffer – Lost In Irony (Updated)

Everybody knows the crap-chat over at Scutts is toxic, and has been for a while. But they have hit an all time low lately with their responses over the tragic death of Wintard.

Don’t get me wrong, there have been several kind comments, plenty saying how popular she was and how sad it is for such a young girl to lose her life. You know, the similar thoughts any normal human being would have.

But then you have Monkeysniffer! The guy that said, and i quote “so another junkie offed herself, who cares”

As sick as some will find that, i suppose he’s entitled to his opinion, no matter how disgusting any sane person would find it.

But the fact he’s pissed because not all people are so hate filled and angry with life as he appears to be, shouldn’t cloud his warped mind enough to not see what a hypocrite he’s being.


Monkeysniffer - UKM desperate for material18


Seriously though, whoever finds a tribute to to the loss of a troubled young girl as sexual in any way needs help. It reminds back to the UK Invasion days when CKA Ryan was always making posts about having sex with dogs if anybody said they loved their dogs.

But Monkey’s brain farts didn’t end there. Check this classic….

And then goes on to make a post about Cherrybreeze inhaling gas.

Not that making a post on the net with pictures of her inhaling gas could possibly glorify it to the wrong minded person eh?

Want more?

Monkeysniffer - UKM desperate for material20

Ah, so lets see. That post you did about Alice’s ‘suicide’ you did despite hearing of lots of rumours about others who wanted to follow and do the same thing.

So instead of being sympathetic and explaining to these vulnerable people that to commit suicide is never the thing to do, and they should always talk to family and friends about how they are feeling and seek medical help, you instead, call them “attention whores”

And my post was in bad taste?

You couldn’t make this shit up!

But then he slowly becomes more retarded as the night goes on.

Monkeysniffer - UKM desperate for material21

Yeah, because fuck all those friends who the family don’t have phone numbers for, i mean, who needs to let them know anyway….

Jesus, this guy is like James Packer x 2

Then still pissed that we dare have a heart and actually care about other people, he makes the strange claim that the post was only made because “we must be desperate for material”

Of course, i mean, we wouldn’t care that a caster died if we had stories about SexyChris or Foxman to write would we???

Monkeysniffer - UKM desperate for material30

Not like Monkey of course, he has so much material it’s bursting out of your screens.

Lets take a look at the Sniffers wide range of posts for August:

Monkeysniffer - UKM desperate for material1

Ah, some Shawnio story. That’s good. What else i wonder?

Monkeysniffer - UKM desperate for material2

Yesss, some Cookielipshitz gossip, great!

Monkeysniffer - UKM desperate for material3

Ah, some old Ned story, wonder what else he has…

Monkeysniffer - UKM desperate for material3

Hmm, Ned again, ok, what’s new Monkey…

Monkeysniffer - UKM desperate for material5

More Ned….

Monkeysniffer - UKM desperate for material6

Oh, some Hipperz and Pat, this one was good 😉

Monkeysniffer - UKM desperate for material7

Ah, i see, more Pat.

Monkeysniffer - UKM desperate for material8

Oh, some more Shawnio. Just what we needed!

Monkeysniffer - UKM desperate for material9

And again….

Monkeysniffer - UKM desperate for material10

Back to Pat….

Monkeysniffer - UKM desperate for material11

No we’re not, we are back to Shawnio, super duper….

Monkeysniffer - UKM desperate for material12

Back to Pat. A bit like a see-saw this isn’t it.

Monkeysniffer - UKM desperate for material13


Monkeysniffer - UKM desperate for material14

Eh up, we are back to Ned again 🙂

Monkeysniffer - UKM desperate for material15

Oh, i liked this one hehehe 🙂

So to sum it up, we should of ignored Wintard’s sad death and concentrated on Nedrauk, Shawnio, and UnitedAmerican.

Damn, i wish i hated everybody and knew how to blog like Monkeysniffer, wouldn’t the World be a great place 😉


As sure as the the sun will rise tomorrow morning, Monkeysniffer gave his reply to a post on a blog he never reads…

Monkeysniffer - UKM desperate for material32

Ok. Fair play, he expresses that he personally wouldn’t make a tribute post to somebody who was well liked around the casting sites because they committed suicide. That’s his opinion and he’s a right to that. It’s also his opinion that to do so is in poor taste and that Scutts Blog doesn’t need a cheap post on it. He obviously see’s tributes differently to how i do, but, once again, that’s his opinion.

Now as far as we are concerned, it’s done. We paid our respect the way we felt was right and now it’s time to let Winter rest in peace and let her family and friends mourn for her however they see fit.

**Story Complete.

Wish there was a way to stop ukmuppets

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12 Thoughts to “Monkeysniffer – Lost In Irony (Updated)”

  1. IP

    They were the same with Bradley too. Predicted their response as I am sure plenty others did.

    In relation to Pat they are trying their hand at stolen (opposite to valor) and claiming credit for handiwork others done years in the making, trying to implicate themselves (much too late) into something they had nothing to do with. Pat was broken two years ago.

    R.I.P Winnie.

  2. IP

    Jesus Christ. MonkeySniffer is on a whole other level of retardation. He is trying way too hard to impress his cohorts. Also him naming you ‘ukpupets’, pretending he doesnt know your name in order to give credence to the lie that he doesnt come here, is hilariously transparent.

    1. lol, the ‘ukpupets’ is from the circle with a head on it, she always calls us that. In fact, if it wasn’t for the Photoshopping skills, you would swear it was her.

      MS, same initials, same style of writing, on the blog all day and night, and as bright as her lol.

      Anyway, i’ve got one last bit to update on the post then that’s it, i’m done. Think i’ve made my point 🙂

  3. Baboultr

    Why is it everytime I go over to that blog and I look at the chat, they are always and I literally mean ALWAYS Talking about Shawnio Its weird, like you will see someone in the chat write “we dont care about Shawnio“ then another one will say “We wont give Shawnio the time of day“ then Literally an hour after they will all start talking about Shawnio its just ludicrous! I honestly think some of them might fancy him lol I can only really go there for the warlord posts everything else seems just to be Shawnio Shawnio Shawnio. They accuse of you being desperate for material but they talk about a man in a chat every single day lol

    1. That’s why i giggled when i saw that comment. Go through all Monkeysniffers posts and i bet you bar a dozen or so, all the rest are about Shawnio, Pat, Ned, or Warrrbuck.

      1. Baboultr

        Exactly its gone downhill over there, That is why this is always gonna be my favourite blog 🙂

  4. Anon

    I don’t go there anymore. They think everyone is shawnio, Ryan or whirlybird and ban yet they talk about them 24/7. They are like Missscruffy.

  5. JamesPackerSyndrome

    Scuttles blog has become a complete joke! In fact even Scuttle himself has pretty much washed his hands with it. They’re complete hypocrites and Monkeysniffer has the writing abilities of a 10 year old autistic child!

    Speaking of Monkeysniffer, most already know that he’s a creepy pervert that spends most of his time on porn sites, and talks about doing sexual things to animals. It seems he also has a liking for watching young girls on cam sites too. So here we have a pervert that likes watching young girls on the internet. Is Monkeysniffer a pedophile? Kinda seems like it.

  6. IsScuttlebuttGay

    Good post! I thought it wouldn’t be long before people started blogging about Scuttle’s blog. That place has become worse than Vaughn with all the hypocrisy, double standards and paranoia! Even the Woodshed have been talking about it a lot lately.

    How many times can they rehash the same old shit that no one cares about? Does Monkeysniffer have dementia or something?

    How many times can James Fudge Packer spam the link to his dead site without figuring out that no one gives a fuck?

  7. shawnio is big mad

    He does have a point the news doesnt even report on suicides unless it was done in public

  8. Plank4sale

    Monkeysniffer’s posts are utter shit. His video’s are beyond dire too – adding fart noises and speeding the video up to make people sound like midgets – absolute garbage.

    1. popcorn

      I agree with you with the fart noises and other sound effects. It ruins the post. Others made the suggestion to stop that and let the viewers listen to the videos normally and he didn’t care. Let’s not forget he likes to dox people in the shout box and in the comments. I’ve witnessed that myself. Oh and everyone is shawnio. That place turned to shit when monkeysniffer starting taking over.

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