RIP Wintard (Updated)

It seems poor Winnie finally lost out to her demons on Thursday. Aged only 21, and only just turned 21 by the way, the beautiful looking girl with the heart of gold allegedly took her own life.

Without going into too much detail, Wintard never really recovered from her troubled life growing up as a child. She always felt unwanted and unloved after what happened, and those who caught her last proper cast on Vaughn will remember her heartbreaking meltdown.

I’ve recorded many a caster when they have broke down over the years, and you sit and watch, and know instantly you could never show it.

But that night, that cast, was the first time i’ve ever had to stop recording and leave the channel. It really was that hard to watch.

It was that night that you realised just how tormented this poor girl was. Despite her pain inside, Winnie was always nice to people. She was one person you could bet your life on that would never be banned from VL. There was no tits out for attention, no nastiness in her ( although she could handle her own with the trolls lol) and she never judged people by what they had or didn’t have. In fact, that was how i got to become aware of Wintard, from the days when she would sit and chill with RealmanPwns. Back then remember, it was the in thing to bash RM over his lifestyle. But she never did, she always took him as he was, and the fact he was poor and also from a troubled background made no difference to her.

She tried relationships, but sadly, before she could love other people, she had to love herself.

And that was one gift she never found!


RIP Winter:

Wintard doing mad expression


Wintard returns 3




** Update:

For those wishing to help a little towards Winnies funeral costs, the go fund me link is here

11 Thoughts to “RIP Wintard (Updated)”

  1. maddy

    r.i.p wintard ,never really knew this caster much spoke to her 2 times in passing such a shame shes gone ,a young life no longer here when she should of had so much of her life in front of her so sad this young pretty girl is no longer here , thoughts go to her family and friends at this sad time

  2. 666666

    Are you 100% sure she is dead. After the Alice farce when she miraculously returned and blamed her parents for it all I dont think I will ever believe any of the stories unless I see a death certificate and even then I will have my doubts.

    If it is true then it is very sad indeed such a young life but then I said all that about Alice and after that I wouldnt put anything past anyone to say something solely for attention.

    1. I was exactly the same when i first heard, but if you go to her Facebook page there are messages from close relatives as well as friends confirming it. So unless her Grandparents and Aunties etc are all in on it, i’d say it’s pretty much 100%.

      1. 666666

        I wouldnt know her fb page but it does seem to be confirmed if close relatives are leaving messages.

        It is such a sad shame that someone so young thought this was the only way out (if it was suicide). I never knew her but I did only hear nice comments about her and that is very rare these days. I hope if there is an afterlife she finds happiness in that as she couldnt seem to find any in this life. I hope her family can find a way through this too

  3. steve

    got a link to her break down?

  4. Wonder

    That’s heartbreaking for someone so young to be no longer here. I never seen her casts, could anyone explain what happened in her past that made her want to end her life?

  5. omg no, not wintard. She did say in a cast once she was Bipolar, she’s been in mental hospitals for that condition. This is so sad, she was so pretty

    1. 666666

      So are you saying that if she was ugly this wouldnt have been so sad!!!!!!

  6. S.J.

    I hope you found the peace you were looking for. I have battled with depression for most my life, and know that it’s not something that you can always be honest about. People will say ‘why didn’t you just talk to me’? but it doesn’t work like that, the people that are serious about ending it are not gonna confide in, even their closest friends or family. I know this because I have gotten very close myself, but kept it to myself so that I wouldn’t be stopped.. Sorry to ramble, I just wanted to share some insight Thank You

  7. such a sad story- sorry for her families lose- is there a video for her last cast anywhere

  8. She’s still alive, I spoke to her on Skype earlier this week. She rarely ever casts, although she does occasionally show up on ivlog.

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