Sniffy Boy Comes Back For Another Thrashing

I shouldn’t really do this, but when you get a chance to humiliate such a sensitive soul twice in two days, it’s too hard to resist ๐Ÿ™‚

Still raging about us embarrassing him over his contradictions, the poor boy just had to rush in and make a post LOL.

But, like 99% of his ‘posts’ if you could call them that, he makes a fool of himself all over again.

Welcome to Sniffy lulz pt2:


After making this claim…

Monkeysniffer - UKM desperate for material32

Then goes and makes this lol…

Monkeysniffer - UKM desperate for material37

That’s right, his blog doesn’t need cheap posts, but will make a post about a post that they claim is cheap?

So technically, that makes your blog bargain discount no?

But read along lol. You can always tell when somebody is butthurt, they ALWAYS claim it is a blog nobody reads ๐Ÿ™‚

He sounds like Richard Swann all over again lol

Anyway, he talks of weak people. Would that be weak people that in such a rage, they try and convince themselves that only Ryan Hifi and IP come here?


It gets better though. Wait till you see some of these classic quotes of retardation.

Monkeysniffer - UKM desperate for material39

No death certificate? It was only yesterday that Sniffy boy was claiming it’s absurd that the family announced her death on Facebook.

Can you imagine the meltdown he would have if they posted the death certificate?

No confirmation?

How dumb is this boy?

All her remaining family have confirmed it, that’s what he ranting about yesterday, claiming they shouldn’t confirm on Facebook. Now he claims they HAVEN’T CONFIRMED?


He then moves on to make this strange claim:

Monkeysniffer - UKM desperate for material40

“pushing their agenda with a gofundme account”

This shows how angry he is we humiliated him. Does his brain really think our post was some sort of scam for US to benefit from any gofundme?

Then, then he shows what a piece of shit he really is by discarding a very popular persons death by calling her nothing more than a “meth junke/troll who has taken her life.

This just about sums up what Scuttlebuttscorner hat turned to these days. Since Scutts has all but fucked off and left his ‘staff’ to run it, it’s a cesspit of hate and anger.

Back to Sniffy boy.

Monkeysniffer - UKM desperate for material41

Hang on.

What the hell has it got to do with you why she has or hasn’t posted it on her FB?

Then he demands that she should of given details. Hmm, strange, because 2 mins earlier, he was claiming that no details should be posted online about somebodys death?

Just to prove why you should never take Sniffer seriously, read this.

They areย SOย desperate to tarnish Winnies memory, that they even Googled Hailey Basham and then claimed she was only 10yrs old and that confirmed it was a scam…dear me.

Monkeysniffer - UKM desperate for material36๏ฟผ

Then he goes on to post some Skype call they have been stalking, in desperate need to smear Wintards name.

Then he goes full retard and the smoke must of been blowing from his ears when he wrote this.

Monkeysniffer - UKM desperate for material43

“an uknown caster who no one even remembers or has even heard of”

Surely he’s not as retarded to be on about Wintard?

Good grief!

Then the classic “the supporters turn out to be trolls and pedophiles”

Wait a minute. Is he calling all Winnies friends and supporters ‘trolls and pedo’s”

The irony in this is, Sniffy Boy has been posting pics of young girls in the crap chat all day….

Monkeysniffer - UKM desperate for material44


Monkeysniffer - UKM desperate for material46

Monkeysniffer - UKM desperate for material47

Then it clicks what he’s doing lol….

Monkeysniffer - UKM desperate for material48

She look very young Sniffy, do you have lots of pictures of young girls on your pc?

So apparently i am no longer Baboultr. No longer NorthernMonkey, but am now some guy called Darren Sayward and that’s my Daughter lol.

Oh, and this is me ….

Monkeysniffer - UKM desperate for material50

Which leads to this…

Monkeysniffer - UKM desperate for material51

I don’t know who your sources are Sniffy, but i love them, because this is gold ๐Ÿ™‚

Oh, and i can’t wait to see your ‘UKM owners criminal record’ post..

Time for another Sniffy thrashing ๐Ÿ™‚

Now hopefully they will Wintard alone now and let her rest in peace.

Hey, you wanna come after me, that’s fine, we get lulz, but don’t try and tarnish the reputation of a well loved caster just because i embarrassed you.

Wish there was a way to stop ukmuppets

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7 Thoughts to “Sniffy Boy Comes Back For Another Thrashing”

  1. JamesFudgePacker

    LOL MonkeyPedo has been raging for 2 days straight now. The dude is having a full blown meltdown

    It’s funny how you make a comment on his post and he changes the text to fit his own agenda.

    MonkeyPedo is out of control. he’s making death threats, posting pics of young girls, and slandering people. The best part is MrsRoper AKA Nicole Shrout could be liable for all that as she owns the domain. While her very good fake internet friends MonkeyPedo and ScuttleFag hide behind their anonymity and let her take the rap for it. LMAO how dumb is she

  2. popcorn

    Monkeysniffer definitely would make a post over a death whether it was a suicide or not if it was someone from these social sites or reading it from another blogger.

  3. MonkeySniffer apparently has no grasp of just how very much he sounds like Mark Vaughn when he lets his fingers run away with his ass.

    “The only ones to frequent this blog are some pedophiles”
    “a START UP blog pushing their agenda”
    “the blog supporters turn out to be trolls and pedophiles, and possibly from what MY SOURCES say the guy in charge of that blog has a criminal history”
    ‘my devastating comments in our chat have angered those UPSTARTS who wish to become relevant”

    Monkey, you sound EXACTLY like Mark Vaughn does any time he flaps his fat-assed mouth about Ivlog. It isn’t pretty when he does it; it isn’t pretty when you do it.

    UK Muppets is not new, it is not upstart.

    You can play with your favorite weasel word phrase “my sources say” just like you did in your your failed DMCA thread. You were full of shit then, you are full of shit in this instance as well.

    Finally, I really do want to meet you in person some day. I will afford you the opportunity to call me a pedophile to my face. Call 911 and have an ambulance en route before you do it; it might give you a chance to see another sunrise.

    Les Izmoor
    Long Time Reader of UK MUppets (which is by every method of assessment and measurement fucking light years beyond Scuttles Blog)

  4. me

    well done karl. now slam that monkeyturd into the ground

  5. Baboultr

    Karl just gave Monkeysniffer the figure four leg lock Woooo! ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. AreYouGayScuttlebutt

    MonkeyFaggot’s 3 day meltdown has been hilarious. Just to think, all that from one little post. Imagine what he’d be like if there was a sustained campaign against him…

    MonkeyFaggot seems pretty unstable mentally. I’d imagine that he has a lot of deep rooted emotional issues to be as dedicated to hating on people as he is. He’s started appearing on a lot of peoples radar lately. It won’t be long before he’s doxed. Then we’ll see if he’s so brave…

    I’ve noticed that his posts are becoming more and more venomous. Maybe the pressure of spending 16 hours a day trying to bully people off the internet and getting nowhere is finally getting to him. He seems to be cracking up.

  7. ScuttlebuttsBleedingPussy

    How can MonkeyPedo call anyone pedophiles when he follows very young females on Twitch? Is the whole Monkey thing some kind of act to groom children on the internet? Seems MonkeyPedo likes to throw a lot of stones in his glass house.

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