SexyChris: I’m Not A Paedophile

Unlike certain other sites, we try to be fair and let everybody have their say. So when Chris gave his version of what has/hasn’t happened regarding the Police/CP rumours, it’s only right to listen to what he has to say.

So the screencap was Photoshopped as originally suspected? I think this is going to be a repeat of the first time he was questioned by the Police, lots of contradictions, lots of odd tales, and everybody guessing, did he/didn’t he?

But whether he’s telling the truth or not, one thing you can always rely on with Chris, is that at some point, there will always be a moment of comedy gold 🙂


Nobody does a meltdown like Christopher While  🙂

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5 Thoughts to “SexyChris: I’m Not A Paedophile”

  1. To be Continued

    Problem with Chris is he has told that many lies you never know when he is telling the truth.
    He says he his home for Christmas, lol Christmas is early at the while household. Then he says he is going home next week, i doubt he made a story up re more allegations of him being a paedo, as he says he hates being called that name, he does have a point though re Nellie and what Nellie said.

  2. The colors in that room are horrid. Blue door, red walls. Wonder if the carpet is orange

  3. GeorgeBush

    I am still awaiting chris to call

  4. lipalert

    chris def did not write that… he’s doesn’t use punctuation for a start… however you can’t deny the audio posted in the other post… thing with chris is you never know what is true or not… is it real?, is it a show?… to be honest it’s a bit of both… what it most sure is is entertaining 🙂

  5. Eric Clapton

    Ring RIng George

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