The Friend Of The Blog Reveals All Pt1

He’s who Daniel (Monkeysniffer) used to refer to as ” a friend of the blog” when he was talking about where IP’s doxx came from.

You will most likely know him as Caine.

I have previously heard all the recordings before, but it was up to IP as to when he released them.

Take a listen as Caine, aka Sean Cassidy, talks drugs, jStevieo, Scuttlebuttscorner, and violence.

do ya think i would deal with jStevieo? do you think i would deal with a prick like that?”

Even Caine knows jStevieo is an idiot. It’s also interesting as to how easy he was willing to give out Monkeysniffers doxx, despite Daniel claiming he’s “a friend”.


Trust me, this is only part of what is to come.







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