Chris While Returns? UPDATED

He’s never been known for his tactfulness, or his emotions of guilt. In fact, he’s never really been known for anything other than drinking and ranting.

So it was no surprise to see him back casting again, despite his fairly recent conviction for downloading child porn.

In Chris’ world, he’s what matters, nothing else.

Although he didn’t go on cam, i think that with his ‘ i have the best girlfriend in the world she’s amazing’ and his best internet buddy Brian in there, i think it’s fair to say that it was him.

Especially as he soon ran when somebody posted that they had reported him to Scruffy.

The same person, who, funnily enough, Brian soon banned after the caster quit.

So now we know he’s missing the old days so much, expect to see him popping up on various casting sites soon.

The Following Footage Courtesy Of CoffeeTurtle:


So he’s definitely still hanging around then 🙂







4 Thoughts to “Chris While Returns? UPDATED”

  1. IWonSharkTank3Times

    Riveting piece of footage there. Chris should get together with adambro. I mean comon, they are both giant disgusting pathological lying pedophiles. They could get together and form one big supergroup. Big lying pedo supergroup. Good stuff.

  2. Justice will be served

    Same old group hanging out trying to keep it quite,
    why have you deleted your recent facebook chris ?
    you do know pedos are not allowed on facebook

  3. 666666

    See the pedo ring is still up and running with the same old people. I knew Amy was part of it and not the poor innocent girl she tried to make out, the whole group make me want to puke.

  4. i want

    yo u gotta give us an update on chris

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