Veronika Teaches You How To

…use your mouth!

Warning: The Following Video Contains Talk Of A Sexual Nature And Is Not Suitable For Under 18’s Or Those Easily Offended:

Before we get on to the original subject, just how much weight has Vera lost?

Fair play to her, she will benefit greatly from her new look.

But, in all honesty, unless you are some strange person with a fetish for pensioner sex, that was probably as awkward to watch as it was for me.

Do people that age really still have a good libido?

I just can’t ever imagine me banging somebody that old, mainly in fear of them having a heart attack while at it.

But hey, who i am to tell people what they should enjoy?

Though lets be honest here, would you enjoy a woman in her 70’s giving you oral sex?

Definitely not for me, but live and let live is my motto.




I just hope i never see the day my new girlfriend has to remove her dentures to go down on me!








4 Thoughts to “Veronika Teaches You How To”

  1. hello

    If that was my mother who is close in age to Vera I would rip out the cords to her computer and cancel her internet.

  2. No no and no!

    FFS! A lady of a certain age should not talk about this publically ! I bet her beautiful daughters would be horrified to hear their Mother discussing her sexual exploits with their father!

    Where is your self respect Vera?

  3. crononautas

    Karl Davies, thanks so much for the post.Really thank you! Great.

  4. 666666

    Karl you say that now but when you are 70 or 80 I bet you would be grateful for sex from a women in her 70s lol.

    If I hadnt of been told that was Veronika I would never have recognised her she looked better before, she actually looks ill now.

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