Sisterofsatan: This Is For You Faroe

She’s the latest female caster with the no nonsense attitude, and luckily for us guys, a body to match.

She’s Sisterofsatan, the most recent export from New Zealand. And she certainly doesn’t hold back for anyone. Especially when Alvaro tries a little bit of IM sex.

Poor Alvaro, he never has much luck does he?

So now we know she doesn’t fancy any naughty business with one of VL’s horny Mexicans, how about a bit of the Faroe Islands?

Lets see how Sister “sacrifices” the ever horny Faroe.

Well if that’s a sacrifice, i’ll be more than happy to take one for the lads.

Although he doesn’t seem too happy with her offer:

Oh eck!

Looks like any chance of the Faroe Islands entering New Zealand have just gone up in smoke.

So now Faroe has threw in the white towel and Alvaro has perved himself into a ban, who will be next to try and seduce the Sister?











5 Thoughts to “Sisterofsatan: This Is For You Faroe”

  1. Monkey

    Wonder what her husband would say about this cast? When the hubbies are away the sluts will play.

  2. nice body but the face ruins it

  3. 666666

    Dont know why these girls dont just go to chaturbate and get some money for their troubles. Stupid to show it for free.

  4. mackattack

    damn thats ass is fine and body is too made my man parts stand at attention

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