Lardo: Never Trust A Law Abiding Person

After a week or so of us being “in a frenzy” over Lardo’s disappearance, i can now confirm that he is alive and well.

The ex-Pope of no hope was back casting at the only site he’s not banned from, and thanks to the MCC

we get to hear how Lardo “wouldn’t trust anyone who hasn’t been arrested”, his views on his brothers and his criminal record that Shawnio has been posting, and is the game up for Wayne?


So Lardo only trusts people who’ve been arrested at least once. So is he saying he doesn’t trust Monkeysniffer, Scuttlebutt, TTopcaTT, or any other male over there?

Or is he basically telling us that they all have Police charges?

At least we now know the reason for his Burglary charge.

He talks casually about the fact that it was to do with some persons motorcycle parts he took, but if you look up the Legal Definition of Burglary it states ‘illegal entry of a building with intent to commit a crime, especially theft.

So Lardo’s advice to people who are allegedly owed money is, go and break into their property and steal their stuff?

Wow, i can see why Daniel calls us the criminals now.

So now we know Lardo is willing to break in to your property and steal if he alleges you owe him money, that tends to put a lot of holes in their theory that this place is full of evil, satanic, law breaking terrorists, and they are this Law respecting, clean cut website?

And what is going on with Lardo’s memory?

At one point, he starts to say United…then changes it to UK maggots.

I know he’s a pensioner, but if he can’t distinguish between Pat and us, i think he may be losing his mind?

Especially as he spends so long on saying that he doesn’t care that his brothers and his Criminal Charges are being made more public by Shawnio.

If he really didn’t care, why even mention it?

And finally, the great doxxers (LOL) are still convinced that Wayne is in the UK.



They really are the eternal gift!
















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