The Friend Of The Blog Reveals All Part Two

This is the follow up to part 1, where Sean Cassidy (Caine) openly bragged about drugs, drug dealing, murder, and his opinions on jStevieo.

*You can only really hear IP up until around the 13 minute mark, but then it gets interesting, as Caine spills the beans on Scuttlebutts, Monkeysniffer, and jStevieo’s crack habit.

Even Caine says that Daniel (Monkeysniffer) goes too far with his sick attacks on innocent people. But in true delusion, it’s us apparently,that are the evil terrorists:

But like Caine said, there are a lot of people who despise Monkeysniffer, and when, not if, his full identity is released, i’m sure there will be a queue of people wanting to have their piece of him.

As for jStevieo, expect an Ivlog cast from him soon with another 5 hours of poor me propaganda.







3 Thoughts to “The Friend Of The Blog Reveals All Part Two”

  1. jaja ! EYE ! opening stuff to say the least ! twas a very interesting listen did i forget jaja ? oh…

    jaja ! WelKom…

  2. MCC

    So many liars and thieves on that scuttles ship.

  3. Jmanswimfan

    Thanks rg, is there any risk i’ll be banned?

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