The Rizzo Hacking Saga Continues

Well maybe i was a bit hasty in thinking it was Putin who targeted Jimmy. Could Rizzo have been right after all, and was Scruffy the mastermind in discovering Jimbo’s password?

One thing you can be sure of though, is that two adults, regardless of their differences, can have a mature, grown up, peaceful discussion to find a solution to the problem.

Cue Rizzo and Scruffy:

The funny thing was, an hour later, Jimmy was saying “if you are still here Lynn, give me my stream key back and i will cast on VL tonight”


There’s nothing like being a proud man 🙂














5 Thoughts to “The Rizzo Hacking Saga Continues”

  1. MCC

    This stella drinking old fool is talking to himself first stage azhemier.

  2. The_Maze

    Poor Rizzo has been demoted, He is surplus to requirements thrown away from Vaughn. Rizzo they did you a favour cut your loses and sup them stella

  3. BuckBuck

    I was the guest 79108 lol

  4. Bobo the Chimp

    The capacity for those assholes to view your password is already well established.

    They showed off the ability to do that when Vikki died. They pulled that stunt on some fucker who was involved in some sort of pissing match with the scrag hooligans.

  5. WayneFromWestLondon

    jimmy is upset over scruffy hacking his password, but the stupid fuck gave scruffy his credit card info. i’d be more worried about that than some dreamed up hacking bullshit story.

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