Chris While: I’ve Cut My Arm So Have You Got A Tenner

I honestly couldn’t see where a new post would come from these days, with the social casting scene about as active as a paving slab.

But thanks to Teaspoon, the once loved, now despised, Chris While is back in the news, and not only is he back, but he’s now self harming.

Full Credit To Teaspoonthief For the Following Video Clip:

Wasn’t a long video, but it proves Chris is still online (like nobody would of guessed lol) and not only is he still e-begging, but now he’s scratching his arm…you know, just so you might have an ounce of sympathy for this poor, struggling, depressed alcoholic.

Then you remember that he pleaded guilty to the making and possession of some of the hardest child porn filth that there is.

Then, and i speak only for myself here…but then, i wonder how many of those poor innocent kids, who were forced to perform what the CPS described as Cat A porn (in other words, the most vile) so that perverts can watch it, i wonder how many of them have cut themselves?

And not just to borrow a tenner!









5 Thoughts to “Chris While: I’ve Cut My Arm So Have You Got A Tenner”

  1. Anon

    That’s more like his arm not wrist…. smh…

  2. 666666

    Where is his beloved Ruby the woman who said we were all bullies and that Chris had done nothing wrong. Ruby who said it was all a set up and other people downloaded the porn. I would have thought she would be the one Chris turned to in his hour of beer sorry I mean need. No doubt she will make a false name and stick up for him as usual while wishing death to all those who think Chris is anything but pure as the drunken ooops sorry I mean driven snow. I wouldnt piss on him if he was on fire however I would help him and pour on some more petrol but thats just me as I hate kiddie fiddlers.

  3. The_Maze

    Some people will never change, same old begging routine sniffle i need a friend. I cut my arm. give me some money. I have no sympathy for you what so ever chris

  4. ladylaura


    1. 666666

      lol Ruby stop shouting we know you love Chris and he loves your

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