Lardo – The Honest Hard Working Man

Now that Monkeysniffer seems to have got rid of another member of staff (is there anyone apart from Daniel, Yepperz and Millertimer left) Lardo now spends his days over here ( Hammertime & Where are the girls today), enjoying the freedom we give.

No overweight, long haired dictators here, as Lardo is realising, and although his trolling skills are still poor, at least he is allowed to try and troll us 🙂

But, there does appear to be one or two pieces of information that he doesn’t want out there:

* also available HERE

Now what i don’t understand, is Lardo has claimed on numerous occasions that the info being in the public domain doesn’t bother him:

As you see, he’s proud of his criminal past.

So, that leads to me ask, who keeps having Lightshot remove the image, if it’s not Lardo?

We can’t say obviously, as only Lightshot and the complainant will have that info.

But, being the good citizens we are, we will do Lardo a favour and host it here for him.


Always happy to help 🙂










3 Thoughts to “Lardo – The Honest Hard Working Man”

  1. CryBabies

    Oh good another post about lardo and/or monkey sniffer to go with the neverending talking about them in chat. I dont know who is worse, you or scuttlebutt with the non stop talking and then accusing the other of talking about you. I mean, youre both guilty of it so why talk about it as if you dont do it? Its like romper room both here and there. You should cry some more.

    1. Concerned Citizen

      Lardo you aren’t very good at recreating personas , please give it up

  2. bob

    That just says he was arrested for it. No where does it say whether he was found guilty of it. So without that you can not say he’s a convicted felon. Just that he was charged with a felony.

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