Mark Gronan: Pizzas And THOSE Allegations!

I think we finally found out who has been making Chris’ life hell, with hoax takeaway deliveries, taxi’s being sent, and the Police being called.

Mark Gronan, who goes by the username ‘theDiscoveryChannel’ on Ivlog, made an appearance on Skype last night. Along with Chris, and rather strangely, Nathan, his Dad.

The same Dad who only a few days ago, claimed he hasn’t seen or spoke to his son for over a year?

Anyway, watch as he claims to have sent Chris a paid for pizza, only for it not to arrive.

Weird how he knows a street near Chris, a street that Chris has never talked about, and knows it went to a woman?

He’s obviously been on Google looking for what is around Chris’ address, so what are the chances he was looking for local Taxi’s or Pizza shops?


Then the attention turned to the allegations of him sexually abusing his own sister.

I’m sorry, but Nathan is doing nothing to convince me the rumours of his involvement in covering up for his son are false.

Just saying!




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One Thought to “Mark Gronan: Pizzas And THOSE Allegations!”

  1. Rusty Nail

    It would not surprise me if it was him, and also Nathan he did his part in trolling last night as well thats why Chris banned him, his son Mark though is just a nasty dirty abusing bully.
    its all out there on the internet for everyone to see what Mark Gronan has done.

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