Tim Hortons Meet VaughnLive

Those of you who’ve watched Steelie casting, will know that wherever he casts from, be it Public Cafe’s, Bars, and even the local Library, he gets Doxxed almost instantly.

This more often than not ends up with the Manager being called over and over again, which leads to Steelie getting kicked out and looking for the next free wifi.

This was yesterday in Tim Horton’s at around 4am. Listen to the Manager sh*t himself when Steelie explains how he gets stalked 24/7, tis funny.


Then the Doxxers decide to up the ante and phone the Police at the next place, and claim Steelie is a man on the run lol.





Poor Steelie. Makes you wonder what they will do next though, there’s a Ginger terrorist armed with a gun and grenades, sat next to the window at **** place?







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